Social Media for Dentists a Big Piece of the Puzzle

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From Facebook to Twitter, social media marketing is one of the best places to put your advertising efforts and with the dental industry projected to be worth well over 37 billion by 2021, building an online reputation is imperative. Social media for dentists is one way to build that reputation.


Advertising Has Changed

The way dentists advertise has changed. While doctors relied on word of mouth and conventional advertising in the past, it’s just not enough anymore.

Direct mail and other types of conventional advertising still work. However, you need to mix it up. Social media for dentists is a great way to start building your online audience and best of all you can have some fun with it.

Social Media for Dentists and Advertising

While social media marketing has certainly changed since its inception, it is still an extremely powerful outlet for dental practices. From paid social ads and video marketing on Facebook and YouTube, retaining your audience has become much easier thanks to social media marketing.

What You Should Know about Social Media for Dentists

Social media marketing isn’t about spreading your name all over the place. Social media is about finding the best outlets for your practice. For example, if you are a dentist who focuses on cosmetic dentistry you may want to consider starting an ad campaign on Instagram.

Because Instagram is a photo and video focused social media site it’s the perfect outlet for you and your dental practice. You can share pictures of your practice and show off patients new smiles.

Social Media for Dentists Builds Relationships

Social media builds relationships with your fans and followers. For dental practices, that means convincing your audience that you can provide them with a pain free dental experience.

For example, use your social media pages to help your patients, and potential ones, feel at ease before they schedule a dental appointment. Highlight your personality, record of accomplishment and authority. The more personable you appear the better chance you have of increasing your dental flow.

Social Media Content that Counts

Share light hearted content that gives your dental practice a fun personality. As a result, your audience will look forward to scheduling an appointment with you and your practice.

Trust is the key to building your dental practice. Remember, you are selling more than dental fillings and checkups; you are selling good health, comfort, trust and confidence. Providing a good experience for your patients is what social media for dentists is all about.

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