Snapchat for Dentists

Snapchat for Dentists is Cool

Snapchat for Dentists isn’t a fad, and if you are wondering how Snapchat can work for you and your practice, talk to the professional team of social media gurus from Dentainment.

Snapchat seems to have come out of nowhere and is now the third most popular mobile app on the planet, so popular is the app that was first designed for tweens and teens that businesses, including dental practices are now getting into the act as well.

Your practice can no longer afford to look the other way when it comes to Snapchat for Dentists, especially since its user base recently hit the 100 million mark.

The Younger Generation

When parents, teachers, and grandparents started using Facebook, young people left the social media site in droves. These days the only way you can reach the majority of the younger generation is by becoming active on Snapchat.

Recent studies have shown that Snapchat is the only place where 12 to 25 year olds hang out on a regular basis. Snapchat for Dentists is the easy way to target the younger demographic, but thanks to the popularity of Snapchat the older crowd is also getting in on the act. With Snapchat, you can create a buzz for the younger generation and the older ones as well.

Behind the Scenes

A dentist’s office really isn’t the most popular destination for most people. However, if you can show your potential patients how fun your practice is, you may be able to encourage people to schedule an appointment and share experiences across all social media outlets.

With Snapchat for Dentists, it’s easy to create a campaign that isn’t polished or planned. Show a Snapchat Story of what it’s like in your practice as it will give you the opportunity to show people how real and authentic you are. Remember because Snapchat is up for 10 seconds before vanishing it allows you to open the curtain before closing it. You can literally tease your audience and give them a slice of your practice every day.

Engage One on One

With other social media websites, it is next to impossible to engage with a person one on one, but Snapchat allows you to send your content directly to an individual as long as that person is following your practice. You can send pictures, videos, and comments helping build a more personal relationship with your potential and existing patients. Send personalized notes, videos, or a special greeting. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to Snapchat for Dentists.

The Influencers

If you follow the Dentainment blog, you will know how important it is to connect with the people who are influential in your industry. These days everyone seems to be using Snapchat including YouTube celebrities, popular Twitter users, and Facebook stars. Find the influencers in the dental world and you are sure to make a splash when it comes to Snapchat for Dentists.

Too Cool

Facebook offered Snapchat $3 billion for the mobile app, but was turned down, much to everyone’s surprise. The reason Facebook wanted Snapchat was to be cool again. Snapchat really is the only way to go if you want to grab the younger demographic. If your dental practice uses Snapchat, you will be seen as cool and the place that the younger crowd wants to be.

If Snapchat for Dentists is something that you and your practice are interested in, talk to the team from Dentainment who can help your practice be cool.