Snapchat for Dental Marketing

Snapchat for Dental Marketing

Snapchat for Dental Marketing isn’t just a fad; in fact, all dental practices should consider Snapchat for Dental Marketing.

When Snapchat first launched its mobile app back in 2011 with absolutely no media coverage, it was mainly a social media platform that was meant to target teens and tweens. However, over the past four and a half years, Snapchat has made some changes and added a few features that have helped the brainchild of Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel, and Reggie Brown become #2 in the Top Free Apps for the Photography Industry Genre in the iTunes Store in the U.S. and #4 in the top Free Apps.

Today Snapchat is valued at more than 16 billion, which is why the big brands are starting to jump onboard targeting customers and fans in a way that is affordable, engaging, and highly personable. Using Snapchat for Dental Marketing is a smart way to stay current and hip with Snapchat users between the ages of 18 and 24.

When you use Snapchat for Dental Marketing, you can be fun and scrappy. With Snapchat for Dental Marketing, you can personalize your dental brand by relating to patients and fans who just may be convinced that it is time for a dental checkup with your dental practice.

Unfortunately going to the dentist isn’t on the top list of Must-Do’s. By targeting teens, tweens and young adults, you can make going to the dentist popular. Share fun pics or make a quick video showing off your practice and your patients.

With Snapchat users can take a quick pic, share it with their fans and it will be gone in 10 seconds. When something is gone for good, it creates a buzz, especially when you create a Snapchat Story.

With Snapchat Stories, you can entice your potential and current patients with a fun and engaging Snapchat Story that will help get your brand ball rolling.

If that isn’t enough to consider Snapchat for Dental Marketing the fact that EVERY major brand is doing it might push you into calling Dentainment for Snapchat for Dental Marketing.

Below is a list of some of the big brands that are using Snapchat for business:

  • General Electric
  • Gatroade
  • Warby Parker
  • The New York Times
  • Grubhub
  • Dominos Pizza UK
  • Hubspot
  • Everlane
  • Sour Patch Kids

If you would like to learn how to become popular with the tweens, teens and young adults call or click and have a chat with a Snapchat Dental Marketing expert from Dentainment today.

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