Sharing Fun Dental Holidays on Social Media

Clearly, social media is all about having fun with friends and family. However, social media is also a great way to introduce patients, and potential ones to the fun side of dentistry. In addition, you just may increase your dental flow all thanks to social media marketing for dentists.

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to share the joy all year round is with fun dental holidays that most people have never heard of before.


Having fun at the office is great for every industry, but especially the dental industry.
Everyone knows that the dentists chair isn’t everyone’s favorite place to be. Have some fun with your team and your patients by sharing fun dental holidays that most people aren’t even aware of. 

Fun Dental Holidays in March

National Celery Month

Celebrate all season long with Nature’s Dental Floss. It’s national celery month and that means it’s time to enjoy the Celery-bration.

High in Vitamins, potassium and fiber, celery is extremely low in calories with some saying you burn more calories eating it than it contains. Dig out your recipes and have a competition with the team. Offer a prize for the best celery dish, and don’t forget to share the fun on Instagram. #NationalCeleryMonth #HealthyFoodsForTeeth

March 6th National Frozen Foods Day

It was Clarence Frank Birdseye the second who patented the first flash frozen meals in 1927. TV dinners first hit supermarket shelves in 1930 with boil in bag dinners not far behind.

Make it a frozen food day by enjoying a frozen waffle for breakfast or freeze some fresh grapes or cherries the night before. Make the rest of the day healthy with frozen veggies or fruit and don’t forget to have some ice cream for dessert. #NationalFrozenFoodsDay #FrozenTVDinners

March 14th Learn About Butterflies Day

This fun dental holiday is a great way to educate your team and your patients. Consider showing butterfly videos and butterfly movies on your screens all day long. Have the team wear some butterfly jewelry and share some fun facts about butterflys.

Keep a couple of butterfly identification books in your waiting room and if you’re really feeling up to it, schedule an outing to a local butterfly sanctuary with your team. #LearnAboutButterfliesDay #ButterflysDay

March 26th Make Your Own Holiday Day

Make up your own holiday on March 26 and encourage everyone else in the office to do the same. Also, share this upcoming holiday in an email blast so that patients and team members can prepare for this yearly holiday. It could be anything from National Love Your Dentist Day to International Dental Team Day.

Take lots of pictures and be sure to post and Tweet the event. #MakeYourOwnHolidayDay #MakeYourOwnDentalHoliday

Because Dentainment puts the fun in social media marketing for dentists you can’t miss. Call for more information and more fun dental holidays today.

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