Promote your Dental Practice with Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing still has its place, especially when it comes to your dental practice.


Although some traditional marketing methods are no longer useful, other types are still going strong for dental practice owners. 

Billboards, newsletters, brochures, radio ads, postcards, signage and even bi-annual magazines are cost effective and very useful for dental practice marketing.

Radio Advertising for Dental Practice Marketing

Radio advertising is still a very viable way to market your practice. Do some research and find out what stations are geared towards your demographic. Create a dynamic campaign that will set you apart from the rest. You’ll be surprised at how affordable radio marketing for your dental practice really is.

Postcards for Dental Marketing

People still like to receive personalized postcards in the mail. Target your patients and potential ones from your social media pages and send them a postcard about new services or special offers. Tie your postcard marketing into your online advertising and you will be getting more bang for your buck. Postcards are excellent for dental practice marketing.

Billboards and Signage for Dental Practice Marketing

Signage and billboards are reaching more people than ever before. Signage adorns shop fronts, malls, and buildings while billboards are shining examples that conventional marketing is still very much alive. Billboards and signage are an excellent way to reach your local community. Large signs and billboards are hard to miss, especially if you are clever with your dental marketing campaign.

Flyers and Brochures will Never Go Away

Because all dental practices are bricks and mortar businesses, flyers and brochures can help explain your products and services. Keep flyers and brochures in your office that explain everything from periodontal disease to porcelain veneers. Brochures and flyers are also an excellent way to promote your practice with discounts and coupons.

When you combine traditional marketing with digital marketing, you will see results. It really is all about the marketing. Call and talk to a team member from Dentainment for more information today.

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