More Fun Video Marketing for Dentists Tips

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If you have been following the Dentainment Blog, you will have learned that video marketing for dentists is the fun way to share little known facts about your dental practice. Video marketing for dentists is also an excellent place for you to expand your horizons. 


Video Marketing for Dentists is Essential

If you are a fan of video, and let’s face it, who isn’t, you know how powerful it is. Video is the most important and relevant marketing tool for dental marketing. In fact, over 65 percent of people on the net are watching videos.

With video you can shoot patient testimonials, how to videos and simple oral hygiene tips. People love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Personalizing your dental practice is an excellent way to show your fans and followers you really are human.

When you post awesome videos of your dental practice, and your patients, people will share your content. If someone is happy with his or her smile, you can bet they will share your video with friends and family. Social media really is, “Word of mouth,” advertising for the 21st century.

Go Live with Instagram and Facebook

Live video is compelling. People are watching live videos on Instagram and Facebook three times more than previously recorded videos. Going Live on Facebook and Instagram is an excellent way to interact with users. Question and answer sessions prove quite popular in the medical world. You can only imagine how popular a dental Q and A would be for your social media pages.

Going Live makes the entire experience engaging for fans and followers. Live videos also help build your brand. When you go live on a regular basis, people will begin to look forward to your videos. Because Facebook owns Instagram, it makes it easy to show off your Live videos on both platforms.

Repurposing Videos for Dental Marketing

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to video marketing for dentists. There are dozens of ways you can repurpose your old videos, including your live videos. From reposting video links to other social media channels to starting a Vlog of, “Greatest hits,” there is no end to what you can do when you start stockpiling videos for dental marketing.  For more Video content ideas to market your Dental Practice, download the new DentalYear App.

Stay On Top of Trends with Video Marketing for Dentists

Check out the latest trends on social media and share with your fans and followers. Post regular Throwback Thursday videos and pictures. Share fun dental holidays and put it on camera. People love to see the human side of dentistry. It is also an excellent way to share your brand and engage with your audience. Your patients will love seeing a photo from the past featuring a video of their new smile.

If you would like more information regarding video marketing for dentists, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.