marketing your dental practice on YouTube

Marketing your Dental Practice on YouTube is Profitable

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and considering it is owned by Google, the most popular search engine on the planet, it makes sense to market your dental practice on YouTube.

marketing your dental practice on YouTube

Dental Practice Marketing on YouTube

Dentainment explains that YouTube is less expensive than conventional TV marketing and is a great place to target patients according to gender, age, location, interests and so on. YouTube offers dentists four options for both text and video ads.

1. Marketing your Dental Practice on YouTube with Display Ads

Display ads on YouTube appear on the right column at the top when someone is watching a clip. Display ads are not mobile friendly and will only display on a desktop. If you opt for display ads for your dental marketing, you will only pay when someone actually clicks on your dental practice YouTube ad.

2. Non-Skippable Advertising on YouTube

With non-skippable ads, there is no option to skip the video after five seconds. Your dental ad on YouTube will be shown at the beginning, in the middle or after the video. These types of YouTube ads must be under 20 seconds. People using non-skippable ads on YouTube are charged per CPM views.

3. Marketing your Dental Practice on YouTube with TrueView

TrueView ads on YouTube allow users to skip your ad after five seconds. Just like the above option, the ad will show before, during or at the conclusion of the video. However, the viewer has the option of skipping or watching your dental ad. You are only charged if a user watches the whole video or the first thirty seconds.

4. CTA Overlay Ads for your Dental Practice

Overlay ads will only display on a desktop computer and are shown at the top of the video clip on the top of the YouTube instream ad. CTA overlay ads will not interrupt the video play, making it one of the best options for marketing your dental practice on YouTube.

Creating Content for Marketing your Dental Practice on YouTube

Once you have decided on the type of ad you want for your dental practice, it’s time to get creative. Dentainment recommends that you focus your dental marketing on YouTube around the goals of your dental practice.

For example, if you want to expand your cosmetic dentistry services, a YouTube ad featuring porcelain veneers or your new CEREC® machine can be targeted to potential patients looking for those types of services in your area.

Products and Services

Create unique videos for each cosmetic dentistry service that you are promoting. In addition, include the service benefits as well.

Show off your products and services with video. When you film the products and services in action potential patients will have a better idea of the cosmetic dentistry procedure. Become a problem solver in your commercials and you will see an increase in dental flow.

Promotional Videos

Connecting with a YouTube audience is easy when you profile your dental practice. When potential patients see a video showcasing your dental practice and you, they will connect on a more personal level.

Some of the best YouTube promotional videos feature the dentist talking about the dental practice. When you chat about your dental practice on camera, you are connecting with people on a more personal level. Dental practice promotional videos allow you to tell your story.


Ask your patients if they would like to help you market your dental practice on YouTube. Some of the more enthusiastic ones will make you and your practice shine. While it can be tough for some to share thoughts on camera, others will jump at the opportunity. Just be sure that the regulations in your practice area allow you to film testimonials, as some dental colleges do not allow testimonials on video.

Tips for Marketing Your Dental Practice on YouTube

A. Get to the Point

The average attention span is now about 3 to five seconds. If you aren’t getting to the point in the first few seconds, which is critical, you will lose viewers. Make it clear at the beginning of your video that way you won’t have to pay for viewers who skip your commercial after five seconds.

Include your contact information. You would be surprised how many dental practices make the mistake of not including addresses and phone numbers. Your brand will suffer if people do not know how to contact you.

B. Call to Action

End your YouTube dental marketing video with a strong call to action. This makes it easy for potential patients to schedule a dental appointment. Call to actions such as, “Find out on the website,” or, “Book your no obligation appointment today,” allow viewers to reach you and your dental practice.

C. Targeting

Targeting your audience is crucial if you are marketing your dental practice on YouTube. Ask Dentainment about targeting options that allow you to create a campaign that is streamlined to your viewing audience. Targeting on location and age is an excellent way to avoid spending too much for clicks and views.

If you would like more information regarding marketing your dental practice on YouTube, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.