Marketing your Dental Practice in 2020

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Marketing your dental practice isn’t like it used to be. These days’ dentists must think outside of the box if they want to increase dental flow.

marketing_your_dental_practice_DentainmentWhile word of mouth advertising is still quite strong. However, you need to have more ammo in your arsenal if you want to be better than the competition.

Marketing Your Dental Practice with Social Media

Social media is one of the strongest platforms on the planet. When you use social media the right way, you will see results.

If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you will know how strong social media is when it comes to dental marketing. Do your research and find out where your patients are spending time on social media. Firstly, it’s an excellent way to market your practice secondly, it works.

Video for Your Dental Practice

There is no stronger avenue than video marketing. Video has surpassed both text and pictures when it comes to attracting attention on the web. You are missing a huge percentage of potential fans and followers without it.

Video marketing your dental practice works. From discussion videos to live forums and video testimonials there is no end to what you can do with video marketing for your practice.

Conventional Marketing with a Twist

Good old-fashioned postcards and newsletters still do the job when it comes to marketing your dental practice. Nevertheless, you need something more to get people to pay attention.

Include your email address and social media pages on your mail outs and newsletters, this way you will attract people who would rather not connect on Instagram or Twitter. Even in this day and age, there are still people out there who prefer the old ways of dental marketing.

If you need some help marketing your dental practice, give the team from Dentainment a ring, have a chat, or send them a quick email. It really does pay to have a professional at the helm of your dental marketing campaign.

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