Making Social Media Marketing Fun Again

4 Minute Read

Social media marketing for dentists shouldn’t be a chore. If it is, you aren’t having enough fun with it. Below are a few things you can do to add some fun to your social media marketing campaign.


1. User Generated Content

Sharing content that is user generated is an excellent way to build your fan base while giving users a fresh prospective. Not only will sharing content build stronger relationships, but it also builds trust. When you share user generated content, fans and followers are more likely to follow your dental brand. Encourage your audience to share your content as well.

2. People Love Giveaways on Social Media

People love something for nothing. When you hold social media contests, you are engaging with your audience. This helps boost your online profile while growing your fan base. Ask your patients, and potential ones, to share a picture after a visit. Ask users to vote on their favorite before and after pic. Give the lucky winner a complimentary comprehensive dental exam or a professional tooth whitening experience.  For a variety of Dental Marketing exercises for your Team, visit the new DentalYear App.

3. Tag a Friend and Win for Social Media Marketing

Tagging someone isn’t just for friends and family members. Take advantage of this awesome exposure tool for your social media marketing. When you post relatable content, you are inviting fans and followers to tag friends and family members. Feature services such as porcelain veneers and offer a complimentary consultation. This is an excellent way to market your dental practice and increase your dental flow.

4. Post Your Favorite Behind the Scenes Pics and Clips

Showing life behind the scenes is a great way to humanize your dental practice for social media marketing. When you share pictures and videos with fans and followers you are showing what life is like when patients aren’t around. Be unique and create a series revolving around you and your team. This is a great way to increase your social media profiles.

5. Use Reactions for Social Media Marketing

Now users can choose from five reactions on Facebook. Now you can be angry, sad, laugh, say wow, and of course like posts. While people use these to react to friends and family members comments, brands are getting in on the action as well. When you laugh at something funny or share a wow reaction on Facebook, you are showing fans and followers you are a real person.

6. Use Emojis More Often

Social media is fun and emojis make it even easier to have a laugh with your audience. Dentainment has seen Facebook posts increase engagement by over 25 percent when emojis are added to the picture. If you are new to the emoji game, make sure you understand the definition of each one and only add the emojis that are relevant to the post.

Start having fun with your social media marketing and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.