Local Search Marketing for Dentists is Imperative

Five Minute Read

While the internet can be a crowded place, local search marketing for dentists is all about putting your dental practice on the map in your local area. Local search helps users locate businesses that are relevant to local searches. In other words, local search marketing for dentists helps your search engine optimization.

Below are five more reasons why local search marketing is vital for your dental practice.
1. People on the Net are Avoiding the Desktop


2015 was the year when mobile searches surpassed desktop searches. However, some marketers believe it actually occurred as early as 2014. Mobile users want to find products and services on the go and want immediate results. Keep in mind that consumers are comparing prices and businesses online before the commit. With local search marketing for dentists, potential patients can read your reviews and check out your website all from the comfort of their mobile device.

2. Local Search Marketing for Better Conversion Rates

Google is so evolved that the number one search engine in the world can now give the users specific results during a search. If a consumer is logged into their personal Google account, they will be taken to businesses via geographic location and search history. In other words, Google takes your preferences and combines them with your location. This helps the users locate the best matches for local businesses. Personalized search results are more targeted giving better conversion rates.

3. Google Loves Local Business

The free tools provided by Google, such as Search Console and Analytics show just how much Google loves and promotes local businesses. With Google continually updating their algorithms, local businesses are getting better results and better visibility. Firstly, if you are searching for a dentist, you are going to be referred to the closest one. Secondly, the users will be given several dentists that specialize in the products and services that they are searching for.

4. Google is Constantly Redefining Local Search

Online behavior is constantly changing. Google wants to make sure it is accommodating those behaviors. According to Dentainment, 59 percent of internet searches are performed for local search. In fact, over half of all searches on a mobile device are done to find local information such as hours, directions and products and services. Google is listening to users with algorithm updates refining local search. Google changed its course because the users forced them to.

5. Less Competition for Local Search Marketing

There is far less competition when it comes to local search marketing as millions of websites all over the globe are vying for your dollar. Businesses that rely on local trade, such as your dental practice, are finding it tougher to get noticed. There are also fewer resources for SEO. With local search marketing for dentists, you can target your market. When you target local users who are looking for a new dentist or an emergency dentist, you just may end up at the top of the search engine list.

If you would like to learn more about local search marketing for dentists, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.