Live Video Tips for a Great Production

Live video is a very successful marketing tool that will win you fans and followers. However, there are some things you should know before you set up your camera.

Live Video Tips for a Professional Look
1. Keep it Simple

Each piece of equipment that you pull out of the van adds to your setup. If something isn’t working it will put your entire live stream at risk. Keep your setup for live video simple to avoid technical problems.

2. Bandwidth Availability and Live Video

It’s vital that you know your network. Test your speed and make sure that your upload bandwidth is consistent. If it isn’t consistent you may not be seen by anyone. This isn’t good, especially if your audience is expecting your live video stream.

3. Watch your Audio

Your audio is imperative when it comes to live streaming on social media. Make sure you test your acoustics and check for background noise. This is essential if you are shooting outside on location.

4. Don’t look at the Monitor

Monitors are awesome tools. However, it’s important that you resist the urge to look at it. If you place your monitor below your camera it may be tempting, but don’t do it as your eyeline will be way off with the camera lens.

5. Respond to Live Video Comments

Comments disappear so respond when you see them. People love it when you acknowledge their presence and interact with them. If you aren’t able to do it at the time, do so right after your live broadcast to keep your audience coming back for more.

6. It’s Live Video Be Prepared

Getting prepared for your live stream takes time. Being mentally prepared for your show helps reduce stress levels and keeps you more relaxed for your live broadcast. When you are ready to go you will give the best performance possible.

7. Add a Guest

When you add a guest to your live stream you are showing your audience a different style of video. Live guests add perspective and insight and are also a wonderful way to cross promote products and services.

8. Share Your Clips to Groups

Facebook Groups are an excellent place to share your videos when it comes to specific topics. Look for dental groups that have live streaming fans and groups that have an affinity for dentistry.

9. Title Text is Important

Coming up with a catchy title can be difficult. Well written titles are extremely valuable as they attract the attention of the viewers and also the search engines. Be sure to include your keyword in the title for SEO or search engine optimization.

10. Live Video and Consistency

Be consistent when you go live. If you go live on social media at a regular time you will begin to build a following. Airing irregular or inconsistent live streams is extremely frustrating and makes it difficult to keep an audience.

Go Big or Go Home with Live Video

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