Leveraging Near Me Searches for Dental Marketing

If you could have predicted what has happened in the world of mobile searches a decade ago you would most likely be the most popular dentist on the planet, especially if you included near me searches in your digital content

near_me_searches_DentainmentWith Alexa and Google Home and your trusty cell phone, you can find a local restaurant or cosmetic dentist just by saying, “Siri, Mexican restaurant near me,” or, “Alexa, find porcelain veneers near me.”

The Power of Near Me for Dental Marketing

People are asking Siri and Alexa to, “find a dentist near me,” more than ever before. When you craft your content for local SEO, you’ll be ranking on both mobile and desktop near me searches.

How Near Me Works for Dental Marketing

Most people have GPS enabled locators on their phones. Unless you turn it off for privacy reasons, Google can detect your location. This allows people to find what they are looking for close by. Near me searches are absolutely necessary for dental practices. Called micro moments, it’s vital that you use these moments to capture your target audience.

Those micro moments could be, “Alexa, find a cosmetic dentist near me,” or, “Siri, I need an emergency dentist near me now.” Near me now is another extremely popular keyword phrase that is used by millions of people every day.

Why Near Me Searches are Vital for Dental Marketing

Dentainment explains that near me searches are used for specific things in a short and specified time. Not surprisingly, there has been a 500 percent of near me searches growth on Google over the past 18 months.

When you include near me searches in your digital content you are attracting the people who are more likely to purchase. If they are looking for a dentist you’ll be the first on the list. 

Optimize your Dental Practice for Near Me Searches

Optimizing your dental content takes time, but it really does help your overall dental campaign. If you want your dental practice to rank in near me searches, you’ll need to use variant anchor text. Text such as, “best dentist in San Diego,” or, “licensed cosmetic dentist in Oceanside.” Your content must also include contact information on every page for successful near me optimization.

If you need some help with optimizing your dental content for near me searches, call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.

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