Is Your Dental Website User Friendly?

Your dental marketing strategies are imperative, especially if you want to rise to the top of the search engines. While you may have your email blasts, conventional postcard mail outs and social media marketing up to date, don’t overlook your dental website.

An outdated dental website that is slow to load and hard to read on a mobile device won’t do you any favors, in fact, it could hamper all of your dental marketing strategies.

A Mobile Friendly Dental Website in 2020

Mobile technology has changed the way people search for information. People no longer rely on the Yellow Pages as a source of recommendations. Today, people use the internet for everything. An outdated website reflects your online presence. 

Test Your Site and See for Yourself

Have you tested your dental website? Have you checked its loading speed and how it reads on a mobile device? Dental websites must load fast and convert to mobile devices.

The last thing that a potential patient wants to see is a pretty home page only to be directed to an old page that hasn’t been converted. If you have found yourself on a landing page that is a cinch to use on your cell phone but is of no use when you follow an inbound link, you know the frustration.

Convert and Update Your Dental Website

Even if you have a mobile site when was the last time you upgraded it or added a page or two. If your site only sees new entries once in awhile, it’s time to get to work on your dental website.

Consequently, adding new content to your website is an excellent way to attract the Google algorithms. All search engines love fresh content. Update your website on a regular basis. You will stay fresh in the minds of users and the search engines.

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