Instagram or Snapchat for your Dental Practice

Instagram and now Snapchat…It seems like there is always a new social media marketing trend on the horizon with new websites popping up for all kinds of niche markets. For dentists that means choosing the right websites for your practice. For most busy dental practices, that is a tall order. Even if you run your practice efficiently, it’s hard to make the right choices when it comes to social media.

Dentainment explains that there is some truth in the saying, “Leave every person to his or her trade.” Social media marketing for dentists should never be an afterthought following a long week at the office. Even if your week wasn’t particularly tough, you need time to relax and unwind. Everyone needs a break to recharge and refresh. If you have been skipping the golf course or the racquetball court because of social media marketing, it’s time to rethink your dental marketing strategy.

Snapchat Stories VS Instagram S

The popularity of Snapchat and Instagram, both photo and video mobile phone apps, has made it impossible to ignore two of the fastest growing social media mobile apps on the planet, especially when it comes to your practice.

What was once an online place for tweens and teens, thanks to posts magically disappearing and mom and dad being on Facebook, it has grown into a place where you can advertise anything and everything, including your dental practice.

Snapchat Stories

Snapchat stories have been around for a while now and allow users to add a photo or video clip to their personal Snapchat home screen. Users can add as many pictures as they like with videos and images disappearing in 24 hours or less.

Snapchat Stories are a good way to get momentum for an online dental campaign for your practice. All you have to do is create a, “Snapchat Story,” that will gain interest. Dentainment can help you create compelling, “Snapchat Stories,” that will interest old and new patients alike.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allow you to share every moment in your day, not just the moments that you want to keep on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter profile. Just like Snapchat, the new Instagram feature allows users to share as many videos and photos, as they like. Dentainment can help you create an Instagram online, “Story,” just in time for fall.

One of the, “Don’ts,” in online marketing? Overposting. It’s an unspoken rule that can be a killer when it comes to your online reputation. Your likers, friends, fans or whatever you want to call your followers will quickly tire of your, “Overposting.”

Both Instagram and Snapchat allow the user to overlay text on videos and story images.

Dentainment are the experts when it comes to posting unique content that is both educational and on trend. The team of social med guru’s will research which social media websites are best for your dental practice.

Stop wasting your free time on social media and call or click and schedule a no obligation social media marketing appointment with the team from Dentainment today.

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