Instagram is Essential for Dental Marketing

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Instagram is growing, so much so that it is the go to place for dental marketers. With that being said, throwing up a few pics and videos whenever you feel like it isn’t the best way to target your market.


Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has steadily grown to accommodate 100 million users every day. Instagram has changed the world of communication, especially when it comes to social media.

Why Instagram Matters To Dental Marketing

Better than Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is effective and puts your dental brand in front of millions of potential patients. You can bet your patients, and the competition is on Instagram. Dental Marketing on Instagram is essential.

With nearly 90 percent of Instagrams, daily user base under 35, Instagram is the place to be for the millennial crowd. If you are targeting people under 35, you need to shift your social media marketing focus. For example, cosmetic dentists would put more focus on Invisalign and professional whitening rather than dental implants or dentures.

If you aren’t marketing to millenials, Instagram is still a good idea for dental marketing. Instagram is an excellent trust builder and boosts search engine ranking.

When you use Instagram, regardless of your market, you are becoming a credible dental practice that adds value to patients and potential ones.

Why Instagram Works for Dental Practice Marketing


Because Instagram is a visual platform, there is a continuous feed of content. That content is extremely pleasing to the eye. Pictures create and invoke feelings and emotions. This is especially important in the world of dentistry.

In addition, because you can remain anonymous on Instagram, potential patients are more inclined to like and comment on your Instagram posts. Not everyone wants the world to know they are considering porcelain veneers.

Keep Things Personal on Instagram

Instagram is a personal app. Skip the technical and promotional posts and craft great pictures and videos of your team at work or at play. Use Instagram for events, patient engagement, and information. If you are sharing dental holidays with your patients, share it on Instagram. Charity events are also a great place to share the fun on Instagram.

Watch for current trends and topics and your Instagram followers will reward you for it. Posts with a, “#ThrowBackThursday,” or, “#CasualFriday,” theme will get you noticed. Just make sure you stay in line with your dental practice values and standards.

#Hashtags for #DentalMarketing


If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you know how important content is to your overall dental marketing strategy. However, sometimes the best content in the world isn’t enough to get you noticed.

For those in the dark, hashtags are keywords or keyword phrases that begin with a pound or hashtag sign. Hashtags are vital, as they are links. This allows your viewers to see every single post that you used for that particular hashtag.

Using the hashtag, “#PorcelainVeneers,” in your image caption will allow anyone who is looking for a hashtag that says porcelain veneers. Hashtags are used to help people located content in a search. When you use the right hashtags or a combination, you will be targeting a larger user base.

#Hashtags and Your Dental Marketing Strategy

According to social media marketers, pictures and posts that have one or more hashtags will garner an increase of 12.6 percent engagement.

Although Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, don’t go crazy. Use as many as you can without going over the top. Check out what hashtags your competitors are using and do your research. Look for trending hashtags and include popular hashtags in your posts, as it will increase visibility. Just be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you are opening yourself up to spam.

What You Need to Know About #Hashtags for Dental Marketing

Be sure to add your location tags as this allows people to find your practice if they are looking for a dentist in the local area.

Because businesses are using Instagram to engage with customers, it’s become a popular way to follow brands online.

Using Instagram Stories for Dental Marketing


Watching live video is the most popular form of entertainment for social media users. When you add Instagram Stories to your overall dental marketing campaign, you can host Q&A’s, or go live in the office. A great way to get more views is to post an Instagram Story with a real patient.

With Instagram, you and your team can host contests as this increases likes, comments, and shares. “Like a post to win a free dental consultation!” is an excellent way to boost dental flow.

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