How to Optimize YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos are very powerful, in fact, YouTube Videos are one of the best ways to advertise your dental practice, however, it is important to understand how to optimize YouTube Videos if you want to get noticed on the World Wide Web.

In the first of a two-part Properly Optimize YouTube Videos blog, Dentainment shares some of their very own YouTube Video secrets for dentists.

The Right Content

If you want to improve your, “Watch Time,” your content has to be worth it. If it’s boring, people will tune out just as quickly as they tuned in.

Keep in mind that people who use YouTube are there to look for something relevant to the search. In other words, they aren’t always there to check out your brand. The only people who will be looking for your brand are patients, friends, and family members.

Unless someone knows you, or another patient referred you, people aren’t going to look for your brand. Some may be looking for YouTube Videos about Cosmetic Dentistry while others may want to watch a Root Canal procedure. Blatant in your face advertising to promote your brand is a real turnoff. Stick to general dentistry topics, unless you are sharing an office event, so that your YouTube Videos don’t look like TV commercials.

Two Basic Video Types

Emotional-Some of the most effective YouTube Videos are the ones that pull your heartstrings. Inspirational videos and animal videos are what this group of video watchers is into. Your emotional viewers consume content as a way of expressing themselves. This group looks and shares videos that are on a more personal level.

Educational-Another group of YouTube Video watchers are the ones who want to learn something. Everything from necktie how-to’s to millions of cooking shows can be found on YouTube.

There are plenty of ways to educate all of your patients, including those that you haven’t met yet. Post YouTube Videos about how to properly brush and floss, or show people what happens during an in-office tooth whitening session. With YouTube Videos, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your dental practice.

In the next Dentainment blog, you will learn more tips including how to create a great title for YouTube Videos. Dentainment will also share tips about how to create a strong call to action and how to promote your YouTube Videos for optimization.

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