DentainmentHow to Add Message This Message on your Google Listing

How to Add Message This Business on your Google Listing

How to Add Message, This Message on your Google Listing

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Learning How to Add Message This Business on your Google Listing is easy, and with text messaging being the most popular form of communication on the planet, people of all ages are using text messaging every day, but it isn’t just personal messages that they are reading or replying to.

According to Podium, nearly 90 percent of shoppers want to communicate via text, however, less than 50 percent of small and large businesses are equipped to deal with text messaging.

Learning How to Add Message This Business on your Google Listing is imperative especially when you consider that Google processes more than 5 billion searches every single day with 60 percent of those requests coming from mobile users.

When you learn How to Add Message This Business on your Google Listing, you can add messages allowing mobile users to text your practice directly for dental appointments or any other service requests.  Making is super easy and removing “friction” for New Dental Patients Success is hugely important!

If your dental practice doesn’t have a Google listing, it’s easy to set up with these easy steps:

  1. Sign into your Gmail or Google Account. If you don’t have one for your dental practice, you can sign up for free.
  2. Click on the My Business App. Choose the Grid located at the top right hand corner and click the select My Business button.
  3. Confirm you have been authorized to create a listing for your dental practice
  4. Choose to add a location
  5. Enter your dental practice name and your information into the form, click continue. Suggestions will be provided, but you must fill in every field.
  6. Double Check your Info
  7. Before you Verify your Business, make sure that your info is correct.
  8. Verify your dental practice. The easiest way to verify your dental practice is via mail. Google will send you a verification code and URL postcard giving instructions where you can verify your new Google business account.

If you already have a dental practice listing, you can add text messaging to your listing.

  1. Login to your Dental Practice Google My Business account-In the left hand menu, click on messaging. Only Google My Business users who have an Owner permission level will be able to view the messaging menu option.
  2. Enter the Dental Practice Textable Number-Make sure that the number you include allows for text messaging. If you would like a separate textable number, talk to Dentainment.
  3. Add your Greeting or Response-This is the text message that patients will see when texting from a search result. Remember, patients will only see a text from a mobile messaging application, not standard SMS.
  4. Confirm your text messaging number-Google will send a confirmation code via text to the number you entered.
  5. Enter your new Google Code-Now you are ready to start receiving text messages from your patients and future patients using Google My Business Listing.

If you would like more information regarding How to Add Message this Business on your Google Listing contact the dental marketing experts from Dentainment today.