Holistic Dental Office Marketing Tips

Holistic Dental Office Marketing needs to be unique, informative, and educational when it comes to your holistic dental office marketing strategies. Holistic dentistry is a great space to be in as you can be very creative when it comes to delivering your message.

In this episode of social media for dentists, Chief Buzz Officer Brad Newman from Dentainment talks about Holistic Dental Office Marketing.

Content is Everything

What is Holistic Dentistry? Educate your patients about biological dentistry, or holistic dentistry, and explain how it incorporates the emotional and physical health of the whole body using natural therapies that are often used in combination with conventional therapies.

What differentiates your dental practice? Why and how are the products and services different at your office? What makes your dental practice different from a conventional family dental practice?

Even in the bigger cities such as New York, LA, Dallas and Miami there are only a handful of holistic offices. If you are in the middle of Iowa or Kansas, you may be the only holistic dental practice in the entire state, and that is where holistic dental office marketing comes in.

You need to make sure that your website, your social media and your entire holistic dental office marketing campaign tells everyone why your office is so unique and what holistic dentistry is all about.

Imagery-Educate, educate, educate. Dentainment explains that the best way to do this is through images.

Color Palate-The color palate that you choose is what dictates your brand. Green is a healing color and evokes calm and serenity. White and purple also evoke a sense of warmth and peace. Your logo, your website palate, and the rest of your branding should be very soft, very subtle.

Keywords and Links-Use keywords and links for Holistic Dental Office Marketing. Provide a link to the Holistic Dental Association and links that will educate your patients.

Blogging~Inbound Marketing-This game changing Holistic Dental Office Marketing tool is one of the best ways to optimize your content when it comes to the World Wide Web. When you share your blogs on your website and your social media pages you are spreading the word with the right keywords and links to the patients who are in your area.

Videos-Google owns YouTube and YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. If you aren’t producing videos as part of your Holistic Dental Office Marketing campaign, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Video is considered the heaviest form of multi-media content. Your video content can be anything from you explaining to your audience about what you do as a holistic dentist to an actual procedure on a patient. Ask your patients to film clips of an office visit or a testimonial. Video can be used in a number of ways to market your holistic dental practice. You can even film a segment on oral health tips. With video and Dentainment you can create an entire weekly series at your holistic dental practice.

Social Media Marketing– This is essential when it comes to optimizing your brand. Share your videos and use them for Facebook targeting. Facebook targeting allows you to target your audience and your location for very little money.

Be creative and target people who are interested in the holistic genre. Target yoga fans or create a campaign around meditation. When you target holistic fans, you will have a better chance of getting likes and new fans on your Facebook page. This is another outstanding way to market your holistic dental practice.

Dentainment can help you tap into your audience with demographics, keywords, likes, interests and even personality types. Because of this targeting ability, you have a better chance of overseeing your Facebook advertising campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-Certainly not dead, SEO is still an important part of your Holistic Dental Office Marketing strategy. Website content, making your content rich with SEO, indexing keywords, blogging, press releases, social media, email marketing, and other optimization techniques are crucial when it comes to marketing your holistic dental practice.

Google Adwords– A great way to boost your online presence, Google Adwords can help when it comes to Holistic Dental Office Marketing. The competition for holistic dentistry in Los Angeles or holistic dentistry in Chicago would be much more cost effective than dental implants in Orange County. Talk to Dentainment who can make sure that your Google Adwords campaign is being run properly.

Existing Patients-Your existing patients love you, and you want social proof. Ask your patients to film testimonials for your Facebook page. Have them check in at your office and run competitions. When your patients are happy they will share the news with family and friends on social media, which is another free way to market your holistic dental practice.

If you would like more information regarding Holistic Dental Office Marketing or social media for dentists, call or click and talk to a Holistic Dental Office Marketing guru from Dentainment today.

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