Holidays for the Dental Community You Can’t Miss

Holidays for the Dental Community Week of August 14, 2017

Enjoy these Holidays for the Dental Community and have a wonderful week that is filled with #Smiles

August is National Golf Month!

Are you a golf enthusiast? Have someone take a picture of you enjoying a day out on the golf course. Don’t forget to use your hashtags# #NationalGolfMonth, #Golf

August 14-National Creamsicle Day

Cool down and treat yourself to a cold and delicious creamsicle. Remind patients to brush and floss after enjoying.

Treat your team to some creamsicles. Capture the fun and share it to your Facebook page.

Create a boomerang on Instagram for added fun. Enjoy!

August 16th-National Tell a Joke Day

We hope your day is filled with chuckles and laughs on National Tell a Joke Day!

Share a funny dental image on your social media sites to join in on the fun. Kick-start your day with some dental humor and enjoy one of the most fun holidays for the dental community on the calendar.

August 19th-World Photography Day

Are you an avid photographer, or do you just like to take snaps with your phone? Regardless another one of the best holidays for the dental community is World Photography Day.

Show off your skills, whether you are a professional or an amateur, and share your pics on Social Media.

August 20th-National Lemonade Day

Make a delicious pitcher of lemonade to share with your patients. Take some snaps enjoying a glass of lemonade and post on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Remind patients to wait 20 minutes before brushing teeth to avoid enamel erosion. Use the hashtags# #LemonadeDay #EnamelErosion #OralHealth

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