#Hashtags for Dental Practice Marketing

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#Hashtags, you see them everywhere these days, but using hashtags properly needs creativity and research.

Because social media is probably the best way to reach patients on a more personal level, using hashtags is imperative, especially when it comes to Instagram and dental practice marketing.


When Instagram launched in 2010 it quickly grew to where it is today with dental practices jumping on the Instagram bandwagon. However, content that doesn’t include hashtags won’t get you much exposure on Instagram.

Use #Hashtags for Exposure

According to Dentainment, high quality content on Instagram won’t get you anywhere without #hashtags. Of course, there are several things you can do to attract potential patients, but adding the right #hashtags to your posts will increase dental flow.

Because #hashtags turn into links, users see every post that it was used for. For example, if you hashtag #PorcelainVeneers in your photo caption, people searching for that particular hashtag will be able to see your picture.  It’s a way to aggregate search results on Social Media platforms.

#Hashtags Help Users

Instagram users love #hashtags as they help them search for appropriate content. Using the correct hashtags or a combination of dental keywords for hashtags exposes your content to more people. In fact, Dentainment explains that images and posts featuring one or more #hashtags results in over 14 percent more engagement.

Below are 5 #hashtags for Instagram Tips that Will Help

1. #Hashtags Per Post

While Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, it’s a bit much. Dental marketers recommend five or six per post, depending on your content and research; you may want to add a few more. Use too many #hashtags, and users will think you are spamming them.

2. Research #Hashtags for Dental Practice Marketing

Do your research and look for popular dental hashtags. Trending hashtags on Instagram will increase engagement. As mentioned above, be careful not to overuse #hashtags for dental practice marketing.

3. Check Out the Competition

See what the dentists in your community are using. Checking out the competition for all of your dental practice marketing, including your conventional marketing, makes good sense.

4. Hide Your Dental Practice Marketing #Hashtags

With Instagram, you can hide some or all of your hashtags as this gives your content a cleaner appearance. Also, consider including hashtags in comments as this allows your content to appear for selected hashtags.

5. Location #Hashtags for Dental Practice Marketing

Use location hashtags as this enables users to locate your dental practice. This is one of the best ways to attract new patients. Again, check out the competition and find out what they are using for location #hashtags.

Instagram for Dental Practice Marketing

Instagram is visual and an excellent tool. Because people are visual creatures, creating content on Instagram is important, just remember to add appropriate hashtags so people can become fans and followers.

Visuals invoke emotion. This allows you to create a more personal connection with your audience.  Besides choosing the correct #Hashtags for your Dental Practice Marketing, incorporate a variety of images and videos.  By leveraging the power of video with your Content Initiatives, you’ll get 2X more reach on Instagram.

Whichever Social Media platforms your Practice is leveraging, just make sure to have fun and tell the unique story of your entire Team.