fun dental holidays

Fun Holidays for the Dental Community December 10~16 2017

When it comes to fun holidays for the dental community, Dentainment has got you covered with little known fun holidays for the dental community that will help your patients, and your team get to know you and your sense of humor a little better with these shareable fun holidays for the dental community.

fun dental holidays

December is Bingo Month!

Get the team and your patients together and host a dental themed bingo party for your practice. Share the event on social media, and don’t forget to take some pictures. You may even want to go, “Live,” on Facebook for another perfect example of fun dental holidays for the dental community.
#BingoMonth #DentalFun

December 12th~Gingerbread House Day

Host a gingerbread house contest at your office. Each team member must make and decorate a gingerbread house. Patients and social media followers vote on the best one! Encourage your patients and the team to brush after enjoying sweet treats during the holiday’s #GingerbreadHouseDay #DentalFun

December 13th~National Cocoa Day

A cold winter day calls for a hot cocoa. Visit a coffee shop, enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows, and whipped cream. Encourage patients to freshen up their smile after they’ve enjoyed a cup of cocoa. #NationalCocoaDay #CoffeeShop #BrightSmile

December 14th~Roast Chestnuts Day

With the holidays rapidly approaching, take a few minutes to roast chestnuts. Make sure to roast enough to share with family and friends. Share a picture on social media. #RoastChestnutsDay #Holidays #FamilyFun

December 16th~Chocolate Covered Anything Day

What is your favorite chocolate covered food? Chocolate covered almonds, peanuts, strawberries, crickets? Remind patients to brush their teeth if they celebrate this sweet holiday. #ChocolateCoveredAnythingDay #Dentist

If you would like additional fun holidays for the dental community in December to share with everyone you know, including your team and patients, email your request to

Dentainment also has a fun Canadian fun holidays for the dental community calendar that you can share with your patients and your team.

Call or click today, and don’t forget to request your fun holidays for the dental community December calendar today.

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