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Fun Dental Holidays to Celebrate in October!

When it comes to Dental Holidays for the Dental Community, Dentainment doesn’t miss a beat. Don’t forget to have a wonderful week that is filled with #SMILES!

October is Dental Hygiene Month!

Remind patients to practice good oral hygiene practices and to schedule regular dental checkups with your dental practice. Post Dental articles throughout the month that include proper brushing and flossing techniques, and don’t forget your hashtags for all of your dental holidays #! #NationalfentalHygieneMonth #OralHygiene #DentalHygiene #Dentists

October 9~Columbus Day

Learn the history of this American National Holiday and share what you have learned with your team and your patients. You can also post a fun fact about Columbus Day on your social media pages. #ColumbusDay #Christopher Columbus

October 10~National Cake Decorating Day

Host a cupcake decorating competition at your office. Remind patients to avoid bacteria buildup by brushing and flossing. Take pictures during the event and tag on social media. #NationalCakeDecoratingDay #Plaque.

October 11-National Sausage Pizza Day

Celebrate this fun holiday by ordering a sausage pizza from your favorite pizzeria.
Share a slice, or slices, with your dental team and don’t forget to tag the eatery, and your team, on social media. #NationalSausagePizzaDay

October 14~National Dessert Day

Visit your favorite dessert shop or restaurant and indulge in your favorite sweet treat, or try something new. Share a picture of your dessert on social media and tag the eatery. Don’t forget to mention to your patients that they should wait thirty minutes after indulging before brushing teeth. #NationalDessertDay #FavoriteDessert

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Dentainment also has a fun dental holidays for the dental community
Canadian Holiday Calendar

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