fun dental holidays

Fun Dental Holidays from December 25th to December 31st


Fun dental holidays are coming to an end for December, but there’s still some time to have some joy with your patients and team. Share these end of December holidays and enjoy!

Christmas ~ December 25th

Wish your dental patients a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your dental office! Remind them to keep their smile bright and healthy by brushing their teeth after enjoying holiday sweets. #MerryChristmas, #HappyHolidays

National Candy Cane Day ~ December 26th

fun dental holidays

If your patients indulge in a piece, make sure to remind them to brush and floss after enjoying.#NationalCandyCaneDay, #BrushAndFloss

Visit the Zoo Day ~ December 27th

Spend the day at your local zoo! Share pictures of your day on social media. #VisitTheZooDay, #FamilyFun

National Chocolate Candy Day ~ December 28th

Remind social media followers to keep their smile bright and healthy by brushing their teeth after they enjoy a piece of chocolate candy. If you have a favorite, share on social media. #NationalChocolateCandyDay, #DentalCare

Tick Tock Day ~ December 29

fun dental holidays

Is there something you want to accomplish before the year ends? Now is the time to finish up as the clock is ticking! Share your adventures on social media. #TickTockDay

Card Playing Day ~ December 30th

Get your family and friends together for a fun night in. Another example of fun dental holidays. Just choose your card favorite game and enjoy! #CardPlayingDay, #FamilyFun

New Year’s Eve ~ December 31st

Wish your patients and social media followers a Happy New Year! Share a newsletter or video thanking patients for their continuous support. Remind patients that you are looking forward to welcoming them to your office in the New Year. #NewYearsEve

Fun Dental Holidays that You Have Enjoyed

fun dental holidays

It’s been a great year filled full of fun dental holidays. Dentainment hopes that you, your team, and your patients have enjoyed it! Don’t forget to make 2019 a great year with Webchat. The best way to capture potential patients on your website.

Happy New Year from Dentainment!


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