Fun Dental Holidays for the First Week of December


Fun Dental holidays happen year round, and although most people think of December as the Christmas and Hanukkah month, there are some fun dental holidays that you can celebrate with your patients and your team though out the month that Dentainment would like to share.

December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Help ensure a safe and fun holiday season! Share a safe
toys guideline with parents. #SafeToysAndGiftMonth, #Holidays

Fun Dental Holidays First Week of December ~ National Hand Washing Awareness Week

Remind patients to keep their hands clean. Proper hand washing can help stop the spread of germs and prevent sickness. Share a hand-washing tutorial. #NationalHandwashingWeek, #HealthyLiving

National Gazpacho Day ~ December 6th

Celebrate this fun dental holiday that goes back to the middle ages. Make a batch of Gazpacho or take the team to lunch at your favorite Spanish eatery. Don’t forget to tag the restaurant and share a photo on social media. #NationalGazpachoDay, #DentalTeamOutings

National Cotton Candy Day ~ December 7th

Share this cotton candy fact with your patients: “Did you know that cotton candy was originally called fairy floss?” It was and still is referred to as Fairy Floss in Australia #NationalCottonCandyDay, #DentalFacts

National Brownie Day ~ December 8th

Pick up some brownies from a local bakery and tag them on Facebook! Share with your dental team and post a fun photo. #NationalBrownieDay, #DentalTeam

Fund Dental Holidays Christmas Card Day ~ December 9th

Send out your Christmas and holiday greeting cards. Don’t forget to send your dental colleagues a card! #ChristmasCardDay, #HappyHolidays

National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance ~ December 9th

fun dental holidays

Although it isn’t shouldn’t be considered fun dental holidays, it’s important to observe this national day of remembrance with your team and your patients when Japan launched warplanes over Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack killing and injuring thousands.

Honor the military and those who lost their lives on this tragic day in history. #NationalPearlHarborDayof Remembrance, #LestWeForgetPearlHarbor

Fun dental holidays are a great way to engage your patients and your followers on social media.

Talk to Dentainment about streamlining your social media marketing, and don’t forget to mention the best way to communicate with patients with little or no disruption to your daily routine.


What makes your Dental Practice so unique?  As a Team, discover what makes your patient experiences and personal connection so special.  Then focus on these aspects throughout all of your content initiatives.  Connecting on an emotion level with Dental Patients is so important.

Have more fun today!


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