Fun Dental Holidays for November 2018


Dental holidays happen all year round. Check out the fun November holidays that you can share with your team and your patients. 

November is National Aviation History Month

Dedicated to celebrating, recognizing, and exploring the great contributions and achievements in the world of aviation, National Aviation Month is a great time to celebrate the month with aviation fun facts with your patients and team. Dental holidays are fun and educational. #NationalAviationMonth, #DentalFunFacts

November is National Family Literacy Month

Encourage social media followers to gather their family together to enjoy dental books all month long. Ask them to share the fun with you!
#NationalFamilyLiteracyMonth, #DentalBooks,

November 13 ~ National World Kindness Day

Do a kind deed in honor of World Kindness Day. Ask patients to share a smile with those around them. #WorldKindnessDay #DentalHolidays

November 13 ~ National Sadie Hawkins Day

Originating from the Al Capp, “Lil Abner,” cartoon in the 30’s, the mayor of Dogpatch was adamant about marrying off his not so attractive daughter so he created Sadie Hawkins’s Day. This holiday is now celebrated across the United States with colleges celebrating the day with women asking men to the Sadie Hawkins’s Dance.


November 14 ~ National Diabetes Day

It’s a great day to educate patients on diabetes and the impact it has on their dental health. Encourage your patients to schedule a dental visit with your office for professional dental care. Dental holidays are meant to be shared. #WorldDiabetesDay, #Health, #OralHealth

November 15 ~ America Recycles Day

How does your dental office help keep the environment clean? Share on social media. #AmericaRecyclesDay, #EcoFriendly

November 17 ~ Take a Hike Day

Spend the day outside visiting your Local Park or nature preserve. Tag the location on Facebook. Promote the importance of exercise and a healthy active lifestyle. #TakeAHikeDay, #HealthyLifestyle


November 116 ~ National Fast Food Day

Take your team to lunch or bring some fast food to the office. There are plenty of healthy fast food options that won’t take a toll on teeth and gums. Tag the fast food restaurant and share on your social media pages. #NationalFastFoodDay #HealthyFastFood

Now that the holidays are officially here, have some fun with your dental team and your patients with the full November Dental Holidays Calendar from Dentainment.

Get Interactive with Dental Holidays

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