fun dental holidays December

Fun Dental Holidays December 17th to the 24th


Fun dental holidays continue to bring a smile to the faces of your patients and your team. Share these fun dental holidays on social media and your dental flow will appreciate it.

December is Bingo Month

Host a dental themed bingo party for your patients. Share the event on social media. #BingoMonth, #DentalFun

December is also Write a Friend Month

fun dental holidays DecemberWhether you’re writing a letter or a Christmas card, use this month as a chance to give someone a surprise. #WriteAFriendMonth

National Maple Syrup Day ~ December 17th

Enjoy pancakes, waffles, or French toast with maple syrup in honor of this fun holiday! Share a picture of your food on social media. #NationalMapleSyrupDay

Bake Cookies Day ~ December 18th

fun dental holidays December

Bake some delicious cookies for your dental team! Get rid of lingering cookie crumbs by brushing and flossing. #BakeCookiesDay, #BrushAndFloss

National Hard Candy Day ~ December 19th

Hard candies put teeth at risk! In addition to being full of sugar, they can also trigger a dental emergency such as a broken or chipped tooth. Remind your patients to skip the hard candy and enjoy tooth-friendly treats instead! #NationalHardCandyDay, #DentalEmergency

Go Caroling Day ~ December 20th

Look for caroling events taking place in your community. Share the events on your social media pages to help promote local events and to create engagement. #GoCarolingDay, #HappyHolidays, #HolidayFun

Fun Dental Holidays Winter Solstice ~ December 21st

fun dental holidays DecemberWish social media followers a Happy First Day of Winter! Ask social media followers what they enjoy most about the winter season. Decorate your office and share the photos. #WinterSolstice, #WinterIsHere, #KeepWarm

National Eggnog Day ~ December 24th

Remind patients that eggnog is loaded with sugar! Prompt patients and social media followers to rinse their mouth with water after each sip.

fun dental holidays December

#NationalEggnogDay, #ToothCare

December is loaded with fun dental holidays. If you would like to see the entire calendar of fun dental holidays for December contact Dentainment, and if you would like to capture new dental patients on your website, check out Webchat.

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