Fun Dental Holidays December 10th to 16th 2018


Sharing fun dental holidays with your team and your patients, and friends of patients is an excellent way to increase dental flow.

Make sure to incorporate these fun dental holidays into your morning meetings.

Human Rights Day ~ December 10th


Celebrate by attending a local event. Share the fun across your social media sites. #HumanRightsDay

International Mountain Day ~ December 10th

Hike a mountain in your area. If you’ve traveled to a famous mountain in the past, post a picture! #InternationalMountainDay, #OutdoorFun

Gingerbread House Day ~ December 12th

Host a gingerbread house-decorating contest at your office. Each team member must make and decorate a gingerbread house. Patients and social media followers vote on the best one! Just another great example of fun dental holidays. #GingerbreadHouseDay, #DentalFun, #HolidayFun

National Cocoa Day ~ December 13th

A cold winter day calls for a hot cocoa. Visit a coffee shop and enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa. Encourage patients to freshen up their smile after they’ve enjoyed a cup! #NationalCocoaDay, #WinterIsComing, #HotCocoa

Roast Chestnuts Day ~ December 14th


With the holidays rapidly approaching, take a few minutes to roast chestnuts. Make sure to roast enough to share with family and friends. Share a picture on social media. #RoastChestnutsDay, #HolidayFun, #FamilyFun

International Tea Day December 15th

Green tea may help promote healthy teeth and gums! Enjoy a cup of tea in honor of International Tea Day. Remind patients to drink water in-between sips to avoid teeth staining. If you are celebrating, share a picture! #InternationalTeaDay, #GreenTea, #HealthyTeeth

Chocolate Covered Anything Day ~ December 16th


What’s your favorite chocolate covered food? Remind patients to brush their teeth if they celebrate this sweet holiday. #ChocolateCoveredAnythingDay, #DentalHygiene

Dental holidays are an entertaining and education way to connect with your patients. When you share fun dental holidays on social media you are sharing your personality and your brand.

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