Fun and Thoughtful Dental Holidays for November 2018


Dental Holidays are fun times for your team and your patients. Enjoying the little known dental holidays is a great way to personalize your dental brand.

November is Good Nutrition Month


With Thanksgiving falling on the third Thursday of the month, consider revamping your Thanksgiving Day feast with healthy nutritious foods. Promote the importance of good nutrition and oral health. Share a list of your favorite foods with your patients to keep their pearly whites bright. #GoodNutritionMonth, #HealthyEating, #DentalHealth

November is Also Natural Peanut Butter Lovers Month

There are countless ways to enjoy peanut butter. Share your favorite tooth friendly peanut butter snacks with your patients. Just make sure to check for peanut allergies first. #NationalPeanutButterLoversMonth, #HealtyEating, #PeanutButter


National Sandwich Day ~ November 3rd

This fun holiday falls on a Saturday this year. If you and the team are working, get sandwiches from your local deli. Tag their business on Facebook and share a team photo to create positive engagement. #NationalSandwichDay, #SupportLocal, Not working? Share a sub or two with the family and post on social media.

National Candy Day November ~ 4th

Remind patients that eating too much candy can result in tooth decay. Dental holidays like this can be overindulged in. If they do celebrate, ask them to enjoy in moderation and to brush and floss thirty minutes after eating. #NationalCandyDay, #OralHygiene

National Doughnut Day ~ November 5th

Stop at your favorite local doughnut shop and indulge in a fresh doughnut. Don’t forget to give the doughnut shop a shout-out on social media. Take pictures of you and your team enjoying a sweet treat. #NationalDoughnutDay


Stress Awareness Day ~ November 7th

Stress can lead to teeth grinding. Encourage patients to find ways to alleviate or lesson their stress. Advise patients to schedule an appointment with your dental practice if the tooth grinding continues. Dental holidays are meant to be fun and informative. #NationalStressAwarenessDay, #DentalHealth, #HealthyLifestyle

National Cappuccino Day ~ November 8th

Visit your local coffee shop and enjoy a warm and delicious cup of cappuccino. Remind patients to brush their pearly whites to avoid staining their teeth #NationalCappuccinoDay, #CoffeeShop, #PearlyWhites


November 11th ~ Veterans Day

Happy Veteran’s Day! Honoring those who have served. Share an image to go along with your post. Dentainment can customize a Veteran’s Day image for you. #VeteransDay

Holidays happen every day of the year, why not have some fun with them. For a complete November Dental Holiday Calendar, contact Dentainment.

Add the interactive Webchat feature to your website and share dental holidays during appointment confirmations. It helps boost SEO and your brand.

Capturing fun, unique and creative content is huge for your Dental Marketing Success!  Make sure to get focused on this today.


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