Freshen Your Dental Marketing Strategies

If your dental marketing could use a little boost consider giving your social media profiles a makeover.

New Marketing Goals

Just like teeth and gums, your social media marketing goals may have changed. If that is the case, your Facebook or Instagram accounts just might be a little stale.

Adding a unique twist to your dental marketing doesn’t have to be difficult and it won’t be when you add these thought provoking tips to your overall strategy.

1. Unnecessary Profiles

If you went gung-ho when social media became a thing weed out your sites. For example, check out which pages create the most buzz for your dental practice.

If you put effort into Pinterest and it isn’t panning out perhaps put that energy into Instagram or YouTube. Go where the party is and become the life of it.

2. Modernize Your Dental Marketing

Adding a modern twist to your dental practice social media platforms can do wonders for your popularity. Check out what’s trending and go from there and don’t forgot those #tags.

Download the DentalTimes App and share posts on your pages. Daily dental news is an excellent way to create a following and keep your patients in the loop.

3. Adding Video Marketing

One of the most important elements of any dental marketing campaign is video. Your fans and followers will think you are tech savvy and might even start sharing your posts.

When your videos are liked, commented on and shared you know you are on the right track with your overall dental marketing strategies.

4. Go Live for a Personal Touch

Going Live on Instagram and Facebook is the best way to personalize your social media platforms. Advertise in advance and create a buzz for your live broadcasts.

Go live every week or even daily. When you do people will talk, listen and share. Your daily live videos could be dental tips or inspirational quotes. Going live is easy just make sure you let your audience know ahead of time.

5. Keep Up with Social Media

Once you have narrowed down your social sites check out your followers and fans. You want to make sure you are interacting and have cross referenced your audience with your email lists and so on.

This is one of the best ways to convert your likes into new patients. Furthermore, it’s a safe bet that some of your fans and followers are not patients yet.

Be Unique with Dental Marketing

If you want to step out from the crowd with your dental marketing, call or send a direct message to Dentainment you’ll create a buzz by being unique and authentic. Call or have a chat today.

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