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Five Reasons why Local Print Advertising is Still Powerful


local print advertising

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Targeting your ads in the local community with local print advertising is still a very wise idea. Numerous studies indicate that local print advertising is a great way to make an impression providing patients with focus and engagement.

Digital content tends to be scanned rather than read while paper based reads are more deliberate. This leads to better recall and comprehension. However, according to Podium, that’s not the only reason that local print advertising is still relevant.


Print ads have been around for decades. Local print advertising is interesting to read and actually provokes people into reading it. Buying a publication or receiving a circular in the mail will provoke a reader to engage.


Studies indicate that readers tend to trust printed ads more than other mediums, In fact, 82 percent of internet users in the United States trust print ads when making a purchase decision.


With print ads, you can target your patients effectively. With print ads you can entice your patients with new products or services. If you are offering Invisalign® for teens you can create a printed ad campaign that will attract that demographic.


The world has become full of modern multi-taskers. People check their email while texting or binge watching TV shows.

Print content allows people to engage and focus because you are capturing their full engagement. Most people will give a newspaper or magazine their full attention.

Print Drives Digital

Shoppers are more than likely to begin an online search after seeing an ad in a newspaper or magazine. With a strong printed circular or postcard that is optimized for your digital content, you are twice as likely to see a good ROI.

Print establishes brand worthiness in the dental world and when you take into account that the largest search engine in the world, Google, still uses direct mail for Adword users, you simply cannot dismiss the power of print.

If you would like more information regarding local print advertising for your dental practice, call or click and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.

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