Facebook Live for Dental Marketing

Facebook Live is the newest way to market your dental practice. People all over the world are going live on Facebook, but it’s not just regular people who are going live.

Businesses are now using Facebook Live to promote their products and services, but is it really that powerful when it comes to marketing your dental practice?


Dentainment explains that video is the most powerful way to successfully market your dental practice. All you have to do is look at YouTube to realize how vital video marketing is to your overall dental marketing campaign, and now that Facebook Live is on the scene, there is even more reason to get your dental practice in on the action.

Facebook Live connects your patients to your dental practice, and when you consider the fact that social video generates an astounding 1,200 percent more sharing than text or images combined, you will begin to understand the power of marketing your dental practice with Facebook Live.

Watch in Real Time

When you share live streaming video on your dental practices Facebook page, your patients can watch in real time, and unlike YouTube, your followers aren’t obligated to watch the whole video to get to the most interesting parts as Facebook uses a proprietary system that allows your viewers to react to individual sections of your video.

According to Dentainment, Facebook Live can connect your patients to your practice using video, and once you go live, your video will stay on Facebook so that your patients can share it with family, friends, and friends of friends.

Behind the Scenes

Giving your patients a look behind the scenes is powerful. Everyone loves an exclusive look, and the potential for Facebook Live is enormous. Peel back the curtain and you will be giving your patients a back stage pass to your daily operations.

Show off your dental equipment, or take a tour of the office that wouldn’t normally be seen. You will be surprised at just how curious your patients will be when you give your patients a behind the scenes look.

Daily Updates

Your dental practice is a service-oriented business. Dentainment suggests that you share helpful hints, tips, and updates on your social media pages, including going live on Facebook. Daily tips are quite popular and are a feature that your patients will find quite useful.

If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you will know that there are many other ways to market your business using the Facebook Live feature, but if you are still not convinced, Dentainment can help.

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