Email Marketing for Dentists is Still Relevant

Email marketing is still relevant in today’s market. Just like other types of digital marketing for dentists, email marketing goes hand in hand with other efforts.


With a strong email marketing campaign, you can increase your subscriber base and your social media fan base at the same time.

Below are some reasons to consider email marketing for your dental practice.

Email Marketing is Cost Effective

Sending emails is an excellent way to keep your patients informed and is extremely affordable. A good dental marketing company can hook you up with a professional service that allows you to create a single campaign for your patients. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a fortune. As a result, a good campaign will increase web visits, shares, click throughs, and conversions.

Boosts Web Traffic

When you create a strong marketing campaign using email, you can add links to your website. This encourages patients, and potential ones, to check out your website, have a little look around and possibly convert. Remember, sending out an email without links is like putting a flyer on the side of the grocery store. Yes, people will read it, but you will have no way of knowing how many actually did.

Email Marketing Maintains Relationships

Staying in touch with current patients that you only see once or twice a year is tough, but not when you have a monthly email or newsletter. This way you can let patients know about new products and services while keeping them up to date with any news about your dental practice. It also personalizes your dental practice. If you follow the Dentainment Blog, you will remember how important it is to personalize your email efforts.

You’ll Become and Expert

As an experienced dentist, you want to be recognized as one, especially when it comes to your patients. Get involved in your digital marketing campaign and position yourself as a dental expert. Keep in touch with patients by writing occasional posts for your dental blog and include it in an email blast. This will remind people that you are the only name to consider for dental services.

Email Marketing is Good for Referrals

Just because you are sending your emails to current patients does not mean you can’t or won’t reach future patients too. Start an email campaign that encourages referrals and you will see an increase in dental flow. You can offer patients a free dental cleaning for each person they refer to your practice. You can also ask patients to submit Google and Yelp reviews.

New Services and Promotions

One of the best ways to tell the world about your new CEREC® machine is to send out an email blast. Email marketing for your dental practice lets you send out important messages about new products and services. If you have a new partner coming into the practice you can tell your patients with an email blast.

Email marketing for your dental practice is essential. Let Dentainment show you how easy it is to get started. Call and talk to a team member from Dentainment today.

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