Different and Fun Holidays for Your Dental Practice

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Celebrating different holidays is a great way to personalize your dental practice. When you share common and uncommon holidays with your fans and followers on social media you are showing your audience that you and your practice have a fun side.

Because the dentist’s office isn’t always pleasant for everyone, celebrating fun holidays breaks the ice while personalizing your dental practice. From Umbrella Day on February 10th, to National Saxophone Day on the 6th of November, unusual holidays are easy to celebrate and even easier to share.


Sharing Fun Holidays

There are several ways to share unusual holidays with your audience. Be different and share conventionally as well by sending out a yearly calendar celebrating all holidays.

Including the not so common ones like Clean up Your Room Day on May 10th and National I Love Lucy Day on October 15 is sure to be popular in your monthly newsletter. Think how much fun you and your team will have quoting famous lines from the popular TV series. You can even dress up like Fred, Ethel, Ricky, and Lucy.

Social Media is probably the easiest way to share wacky holidays with your fans and followers. Post fun holidays like National Oatmeal Day on October 29 and more educational ones such as National Dentist’s Day on March 6th. Use Social Media to promote your practice and the importance of good oral health.

Fun Holidays for Patient Relaxation

Fun and different holidays help break the ice, but can also be used for relaxation. If a patient is having a particularly lengthy procedure, fun holidays such as Spider Man Day on the 9th of August will help relax the patient.

Firstly, a sense of humor is important and is an excellent way to help a person relax. Secondly, just imagine how much fun your patients will have with a, “Superhero,” working on his or her mouth.

April 5th is National Deep Dish Pizza Day and another opportunity to share fun holidays with your patients. Order enough pizza for your team and patients while promoting good oral hygiene. Having a healthy bite with patients is excellent for relaxation. Take pictures and share on social media for even more fun.  One of our favorite pizza spots of all time is Lou Malnati’s and they also ship around the World in dry ice.

More Food and Fun Holidays

National Garlic Day which lands on April 19th, is a fun holiday that shares the love of garlic. Fourteen percent of Americans put garlic on everything, while 24 percent of people living in the United States think that garlic just makes all food tastier. While garlic breath does bother some, 12 percent couldn’t care less.

Most people love Italian food so why not celebrate National Spaghetti Day on January 4th. You can prepare a batch of bolognese or order take out from your favorite eatery. Don’t forget to tag your team and any other people you include in your pictures. Also, don’t neglect #Hashtags for your Instagram posts.

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