Dental Practice Marketing Strategies that Work

Dental practice marketing takes time and effort. With an effective marketing campaign, you can boost your online presence and increase your dental flow. Below are a few marketing strategies that you may want to consider for your dental practice.

Repetition-Marketing your practice on a consistent basis is essential. According to Dentainment, marketing your dental practice repeatedly and consistently both off and online will help your practice grow.

Geo-Targeted Ads-Geo targeted ads will boost your response by as much as 81 percent, and it isn’t just Facebook ads that will give you the increase. Dentainment can help you choose the best dental practice marketing avenues including pay per click and social media. Google ads are extremely powerful when used in conjunction with the rest of your marketing campaign.

Trust-Your trust elements will increase your dental flow by as much as 72 percent. Dentists especially need to make sure their patients and potential guests feel at ease the minute they walk through the door.

Be active on social media and show your personal side. Post photos of your staff and be sure to include a brief bio that includes more than your education and achievements. This will help patients feel comfortable with you and your team members. Reviews, testimonials, and ratings from happy patients can also increase your credibility and trust factor. In fact, 72 percent of consumers say that they will trust a business after reading positive reviews.

Value-According to Dentainment, you can increase your dental flow with valuable offers, and although some dental practices balk at discounts for more serious dental work, it’s important to remember that not all patients have insurance. However, those patients still need to see a dentist on a regular basis. Offer discounts on professional teeth cleaning or dental implants. Giving your patients a reason to smile with special discounts will keep them coming back and should be included in your dental practice marketing.

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