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#Dental Practice Marketing Holidays, Tips & Trends (Week of April 3th, 2017)

WEEKLY HOLIDAYS for the #Dental Community!
Your Dental Practice content strategy should be unique.

Posting creative and engaging content is key!

April 4th – Vitamin C Day
Vitamins are important for our TEETH! Share a post with your favorite food source for vitamin C and remind patients that it’s great for teeth and gums.
Idea:  Maybe you want to bring fresh fruit for the entire Dental Team today!
April is Jazz Appreciation Month
Jazz music shaped cultures and societies (think New Orleans) so let’s show it a little appreciation. Highlight some of your favorite jazz musicians or have fun making a video of staff dancing to their favorite jazz song.
Idea:  Take the Dental Team out for live music and dinner!  Make sure to celebrate your office and share pics/videos with your patients.

April 7th – World Health Day
Today, the world acknowledges health so be sure to get in on that conversation and explain how important ORAL health is for a healthy body!
Idea:  Record a video on “Proper Oral Health Tips” for your patients.

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FYI, we also have the Canadian holidays!

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