Dental Office Celebrations

Dental Office Celebrations Week of July 3rd

Dental Office Celebrations for the Dental Community!

July 1st to 31st is National Grilling Month!

Summer is in full swing and what better way to celebrate dental office celebrations than by grilling with your favorite tooth-friendly foods. Gather your family and friends for a day of grilling this summer.

Share an article of healthy grilling recipes on your social media pages. If you grill this July, take a picture of your scrumptious food and share it on social media.

July 4th-Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July! Wish your patients a safe and Happy Fourth of July. Include an image or video to go along with your post for added engagement!

July 7th-Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy this delicious treat! Did you know that chocolate is one of the world’s favorite flavors? Encourage your patients to follow up with brushing and flossing after celebrating.

If you indulge in a piece of chocolate deliciousness, make sure to capture the moment. Share the picture on your social media and @tag the local bakery if appropriate.

July 9th-National Sugar Cookie Day

Share a healthier recipe of this delicious cookie. Visit your favorite bakery shop, and take a picture while you are there. Upload the picture with a fun filter.

If you do indulge on National Sugar Cookie Day, make sure to rinse after enjoying and encourage your patients to do the same.

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Dentainment also has a Dental Office Celebrations Canadian Holiday Calendar

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