Dental Office Celebrations Week of July 10

Dental Office Celebrations for the #Dental Community

July 1st to 31st
National Picnic Month

Bask in the sun with your family and friends with a tasty and healthy summer meal or snack. Enjoy a traditional picnic at your favorite park, the beach or in your own backyard.

Host a dental office picnic and enjoy a nutritious meal with your Team at your favorite park. Take pictures of your fun filled day and share your photos on your social media pages.

July 11-Cheer up the Lonely Day

It’s a great day to share your favorite smile quote on your social media dental page. Make sure you smile often and take some snaps of you and your patients.

Post your pics on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and don’t forget to tag your patients when you talk about dental marketing celebrations.

July 13th National French Fries Day

Whether you are a sweet potato fry or a traditional potato fan, today is your day to celebrate this scrumptious holiday. Enjoy one of the many varieties of the classic spud with friends and family.

Visit your favorite eatery and grab an order of steak, skinny, waffle cut or curly fries. Tag the restaurant on Facebook and use the #NationalFrenchFriesDay for added social media engagement.

(If you dip them in Ranch Dressing, you Rock!)

July 15th National Gummi Worm Day

Although the entire day is devoted to these sweet creepy-crawlers, it is important to remind your patients that those sticky candies and gummies wreak havoc on your teeth. Encourage your patients to follow a proper oral hygiene routine after indulging and remind them to enjoy sticky candies in moderation.

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