Dental Office Celebrations Week of August 21st

It’s marketing Monday and that means it’s time for dental office celebrations for the dental community!

August is National Peach Month!

August is National Peach Month! Enjoy fresh peaches all month long from your local Farmers Market. Bring a bunch to the office, share with your team, take pictures, and post on social media.

Did you know that peaches come from the rose family? Although Georgia is known as America’s Peach State, most of this delicious fuzzy fruit is produced in California.

August 22nd-National Tooth Fairy Day

Educate parents about the importance of their child’s baby teeth. Remind parent to keep their children’s teeth healthy by brushing them for two minutes twice a day and by scheduling regular office visits.

Start a tooth fairy tradition to encourage good dental habits. Have a tooth fairy visit your office and share the excitement and fun on social media!

August 24th-National Waffle Day

Enjoy this sweet holiday by visiting your favorite breakfast restaurant. Share a picture of your delicious dish and post it. Tag the restaurant on your Facebook page.

Did you know that Cornelius Swarthout was issued the very first US patent for the humble waffle iron? To celebrate the anniversary, National Waffle Day is observed annually on this day.

August 25th-National Banana Split Day

A banana split is the perfect treat to enjoy on a warm summer night. Remind social media followers to brush and floss after indulging.

Make banana splits at the office for your team to enjoy! Don’t forget to share a picture of your banana split on Facebook and encourage your team to do so as well. Enjoy!

August 26th National Dog Day

It’s a great day to share a picture of your furry friend! Take your dog for a walk, buy them a new toy, or take them to the office with you. Enjoy one of the best dental office celebrations days of the year with your furry best friend.

Take pictures of you and your fur baby on National Dog Day, and don’t forget to share on social media.

For a full dental office celebrations calendar for August and September email your request to

FYI, Dentainment also has a calendar for Canadian holidays!

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