dental office celebrations

Dental Office Celebrations October November 2017


dental office celebrations



There are always Dental office celebrations all year round, but now that the holidays are approaching, Dental office Celebrations will be heating up. Be sure and ask Dentainment about a weekly Dental Office Celebrations calendar for the month of November!




October 31st~Halloween

Everyone passes out candy on Halloween, some offices, schools and doctor’s offices even pass it out a week or two in advance. Ask patients to avoid sugary treats and snack and enjoy dental friendly snacks instead. #Halloween Happy Halloween.

November is Good Nutrition Month!

Before the tide of the holidays in full swing, promote the importance of good nutrition on teeth. Share the list of foods with your patients to keep their pearly whites shining. #GoodNutritionMonth #OralHealth #HealthyLiving #DentalCare

November 1st~National Brush Day

Remind patients to brush away those left over Halloween sweets. Share a tooth-brushing tutorial on social media pages. #NationalBrushDay #DentalTips #OralHealth #Dentist

November 2nd~National Sandwich Day

Cater sandwiches from your local Deli for your dental practice team. Tag and share a photo on social media to create emotional engagement. #NationalSandwichDay

November 3rd~National Candy Day

You had to contend with Halloween, and now National Candy Day. Remind patients that eating too much of the sweet stuff can result in tooth decay. If you they do celebrate, remind them to enjoy in moderation, and to wait 30 minutes before brushing and flossing. #NationalCandyDay #ToothDecay #BrushAndFloss

For a full dental office celebrations calendar for November please email your request to

FYI, Dentainment also has a calendar for Canadian holidays!

Dental office celebrations are a great way to market your dental practice. Call or click and talk to the dental marketing experts from Dentainment if you would like to spruce up your dental marketing campaign before the holidays. Dentainment really can make a difference when it comes to all forms of marketing.

Call or click and take control of your marketing strategies with Dentainment today, and don’t forget your full dental office celebrations calendar!