Dental Marketing Tips you Can’t Ignore


Dental marketing is the best way to increase your fan base and your online profile. A good strategy can also help you expand your patient list.

If you have been following this blog, you will have already learned quite a few things about dental marketing, but there are always more ideas that you can add to your toolbox.

6 Dental Marketing Tips

1. Voice Search for Dentists

Using voice instead of text is becoming the popular way to find products and services. Crafting content like you speak is the first step in voice search marketing.

For example, load up your Q & A page with long tailed keywords and keyword phrases that you would say instead of type. People tend to type single words while saying longer phrases for voice search.

2. Social Media or Dental Marketing

The importance of social media cannot be ignored. Officially there are no Google algorithms to detect social media. However, social media pages do land on Google and Bing. That’s because smart posters include keywords and keyword phrases in the content.

Pick your profiles carefully and use social media frequently. Also, don’t forget to respond to posts and comments.

3. Video Marketing is Crucial

Video marketing cannot be ignored. In fact, video is the preferred way to show what you and your team can do.

If you haven’t already, create videos that show off your dental practice and your team. Don’t forget to include an office tour and reviews from patients.

Shoot fun videos for social media and leave your long form content for Vimeo and YouTube.

4. Text Message Dental Marketing

Text messages are one of the fastest growing methods available for advertising.

Text message marketing is also one of the best ways to avoid the spam file because potential patients are more inclined to open a text message than an email message.

5. Blog for Your Practice

Blogs are just as important as they always were when it comes to dental marketing. A well written blog that is informative and keyword rich is the best way to signal the search engines.

Google, Bing and the other engines love fresh content. A weekly or bi-monthly blog shows that you are a good source for information as well.

6. Mobile Responsive for Dental Marketing

Your website is the first thing people see when they want to know more about you and your dental practice. Furthermore it is your signature.

Make sure that your website is mobile responsive. This means that your site adapts to all screen sizes. As you know there is nothing worse than pinching and squeezing a website screen just to read the content.

Dental Marketing with the Best

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