Dental Marketing Tips for the Win

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At the close of any year it’s a good opportunity to stop, take a breath and go over your dental marketing efforts.

Pay close attention to both your online and offline strategies, review your analytics and read all your comments and messages on your social media pages.

In addition have a chat with your patients, your fans and followers. Ask what they enjoy about your social pages and what offers they were attracted to the most.

Do more research and follow these tips and you are sure to have a good grip on what is to come with your dental marketing plan for the New Year.

Dental Marketing Tips and the New Year

1. Go Live on New Year’s Day

Get your team together and go live on New Year’s Day. If you follow the Dentainment Blog you will remember that prepping your fans and followers before the production helps create a buzz around your live broadcast.

Be creative with your subject matter and have fun with it. You can choose to go live from home or head over to your dental practice and throw a party. Whatever you do be sure you plan your video well ahead of time. While going live can’t always be scripted you should have an idea of where you are going with things.

2. Welcome to the New Year Email

One of the best ways to prep your patients, and potential ones for the New Year is with a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day email. Tell your patients how much you care and create a message of hope for the New Year.

Send your subscriber list a welcome to the New Year email blast. You can include a video in your email or offer patients a great deal on a professional cleaning, dental checkup or dental services.

3. Cull Your Social Media Accounts

When it comes to social media marketing platforms less is more. Clearing out your social media accounts helps you save time and money. For example, if you aren’t seeing much activity on some of your pages don’t continue posting in the New Year. Social media marketing takes time.

If you are happy with your social media accounts, but still don’t have the time to take care of your audience, talk to Dentainment.

4. Watch Your Videos

Video marketing for dentists is essential. However, if you have not seen the results you had hoped for it’s time to review your video library. Go over your past efforts and get the team involved. Watch your clips together and be constructive when it comes to criticisms.

It doesn’t matter if you have five or 100 videos online. What does matter is the quality of those videos. While quality certainly doesn’t mean a major motion picture film crew, your videos do need to flow and make sense whether you shot your videos with a phone or a $4,000 movie camera.

5. Read Your Reviews

Yelp and Google are the best places to check out your reviews. When you read what patients have to say about you and your team, it gives you the opportunity to take the comments and reviews to heart. In other words, be open and honest. Respond to both positive and not so positive reviews as this shows you care.

If you have not so positive reviews talk to the person, or persons, who left the review or reviews and find out if you can rectify the situation.

6. Consider Paid Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t jumped on to the paid social media marketing band wagon, you might want to consider it. Social media marketing is an excellent way to expose your dental practice to people who might not see your conventional marketing efforts.

These days it isn’t just Facebook. You can advertise on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok. Because platforms are adjusting algorithms, paid ads are a must if you want to be visible to your demographic. Do some research to find out what platforms would be best for your dental marketing efforts.

7. Focus On Content

Everyone loves fresh content. However, some forget the power of existing content. If you have been creating content for years you have an excellent resource to take from. For example, repurposing old blogs, landing pages and advertorials is an excellent way to stretch your dental marketing budget.

Update your old content with new visuals, data or an entirely new perspective. Try turning your blogs into an e-book or produce a best of for your videos. There is no end to what you can do when it comes to repurposing content for your dental practice.

8. Be Creative with Your Message

Be creative when it comes to dental marketing and your message. Stories are an excellent way to be creative when it comes to dental marketing. In other words, stay away from the hard sell.

When you are creative with your social media marketing posts, your video and offline efforts, you are showing your patients and potential ones that you care about their health and wellbeing, not their bank account. Creating stories and messages is the best way to improve your dental patient flow.

9. Pay Attention to Optimization

Keeping a close eye on optimization is something you and your dental practice should be doing year round. Even if you have the best content in the world no one is going to see it if you aren’t driving conversions and optimizing your dental marketing.

Be sure to test, test, test and test as your UX, or user experience is crucial if you want to grab the lion’s share of your market. This means checking your speed and navigation. It also means ensuring that your content is easy to read on all devices. If you aren’t mobile responsive you aren’t doing your users any favors.

10. Brand Advocates Help with Dental Marketing

People are always looking for recommendations when it comes to dental marketing. Those recommendations usually come from peers and your clientele. Your patients are extremely powerful with it comes to your overall dental marketing campaign.

To make the most of your advocates, create dental marketing campaigns that give your peers and patients incentive to spread the good word about your dental practice. Offer brand advocates a little bit extra for sending you patients. You can also create a community online or offer rewards on your social media pages.

11. Create Partnerships with Influencers

Dental marketing is an excellent way to expand your reach on the web and social media. However, it hardly compares to the power of the influencer.

Find out who the major players are in the dental industry and reach out. Talk to Dentainment about enlisting the help of micro influencers who can help you spread the word about your dental practice. Influencers can do great things for your dental practice and your overall marketing strategies.

12. Make Scheduling Easier

One of the best ways to improve your dental marketing efforts is with NexHealth Scheduling.

NexHealth Scheduling makes it easy for patients, and new ones, to book dental checkups and other types of dental appointments. In fact, using NexHealth can boost your patient base by 10 percent every month.

If you would like to learn more, talk to a team member from NexHealth today.








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