Dental Marketing Tips for a Blue Ribbon Campaign

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If your dental marketing campaign isn’t quite hitting the mark, take a good look at how you are promoting your practice. That way you can see what is working for your strategies and what isn’t.


Sometimes what you think works best doesn’t always. Below are some dental marketing tips that may be able to help you boost your dental marketing campaign and your dental flow.

Can’t Miss Dental Marketing Tips

1. Local SEO for More Patients

Local SEO is an essential part of dental marketing. Targeting your town and the towns that are close by lets people know that you are in business. Local SEO for dental practices focuses on local keywords and keyword phrases that target your local demographic.

For example, if your dental practice is in Burlington, your content should include keywords that attract people to your local dental practice. Be sure to include your local keywords and phrases in your website content as well. Don’t forget to list your practice in the local directories and on your Google My Business Page. This way Google knows you are a local dental practice.

2. Reviews an Essential Part of Dental Marketing

Online credibility is vital. Almost 90 percent of people looking for products and services will check out reviews before picking up the phone. Online dental reviews improve your image and help with local SEO as well. Don’t forget that Google considers reviews when ranking websites, especially the local ones.

You can get reviews by asking your patients when they leave your practice. Ask for reviews on social media and Google My Business, and don’t forget to remind them about Yelp. Another great way to ask patients for reviews is to send direct texts or emails.

3. Paid Advertising  for Dental Marketing Really Works

Paid advertising really works and helps drive dental flow. If you want to beat out the competition, it’s important that you target your audience using paid online and offline services. With Google Adwords, retargeting and social media advertising it’s easy to locate and target your local demographic.

Google Adwords charges by the click. This means you will only pay for every click that your dental ad gets. With Google Adwords, you can easily choose your message, target your demographic, and use the keyword variations that will best work for the format. Make sure you have a landing page for the campaign so that you can optimize your budget and increase conversion rates.

Learn More from the Experts

Running a successful campaign doesn’t have to be intimidating and it won’t be when you work with the team from Dentainment. With decades of experience in dental marketing, you will learn effective dental marketing strategies that will take your dental practice to the next level.

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