Dental Marketing Strategies You Can Count On

Marketing your dental practice isn’t as difficult as it used to be, especially in the digital age.

dental_marketing_DentainmentUsing both traditional and innovative dental marketing techniques in your overall advertising plan will grow your practice and dental flow.

Below are 4 tips to help you market your dental practice in 2020

1. Optimization is Key

Optimizing your dental content on more than one platform makes it easy to reach your demographic. When you optimize your content, you are getting more bang for your advertising buck. Maximizing your marketing efforts both on and offline will help you and your practice determine what works and what doesn’t work.

2. Video Marketing is Crucial

If you follow Dentainment on social media, you know how important video marketing is to your overall advertising campaign. Including video in your overall strategy is an essential part of dental marketing. Be sure to plan your strategy before you start shooting to keep things running on schedule.

3. Blogs and Landing Pages

Google loves fresh content. When you write a weekly blog or add a monthly landing page to your marketing, Google will be reindexing you and your website. Search engine algorithms are attracted to fresh content and will always keep you and your practice at the top of the list. Include relevant keywords and keyword phrases and don’t forget hashtags for social media.

4. Postcards for Dental Marketing

When you combine both traditional and digital marketing with your overall plan, you will reach more people. While more people are using the net there are still those who prefer good old fashioned advertising. Send out postcards and don’t forget to include your social media icons, your email address and contact information.

Dental marketing is crucial for dental flow, but it’s also essential for your reputation. Marketing your dental practice on all platforms will help you with both.

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