Dental Marketing Mobile Apps

Dentainment is your one stop shop for all things marketing. With this amazing dental marketing company you won’t have to work with multiple entities to market your dental practice.

This awesome dental marketing company offers clients mobile apps, social media marketing, video marketing and much, much more.

DentalTimes Dental Marketing

Always on the cusp of new technology for dental marketing, Dentainment’s new app, DentalTimes, puts all of your dental news in one place.

Now you won’t have to spend hours looking for articles about dentistry. With the DentalTimes app you will find everything there is to know about dentistry. Think of it as a hub for all things dental.

DentalTimes is the industries leader when it comes to dental news. You will find everything you are looking for from all over the globe under one platform. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

Add the DentalTimes app to the rest of the dental marketing tools available from Dentainment and you are set.

DentalYear Mobile App

Speaking of mobile apps for dentistry you will use the DentalYear Mobile App every day. This great app for practices offers inspiration, dental marketing ideas, holiday tips for your dental practice and much more.

With the DentalYear mobile app you’ll also learn daily marketing tips, video content and weekly exercises. It really is the only mobile app you need to stay abreast of the best ideas available for your practice.

As the Practice Grows

Growing your dental practice is easy with Dentainment. The web series, As the Practice Grows is incredible and offers tips and suggestions to grow your dental practice.

If you are looking for an increase in your dental patient flow you won’t want to miss this exciting web series only available from Dentainment.

Social Media Dental Marketing

Once you download the apps you might want to take a look at your social media marketing. These days it’s more than Facebook and YouTube. However, you want to make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin as social media marketing takes time.

Look at your target market before you create social media profiles. If you are marketing to families and teens you may want to consider a TikTok or SnapChat.

Both of these platforms attract teens and millennials. These platforms are also the perfect place to let your hair down. People love it when dentists show the playful side of their dental practice.

Dentainment for Dental Marketing

If you would like to learn more, call or send a text. In the meantime, download the DentalNews App and the Dentalyear mobile app. Both of these mobile apps will get you started with dental marketing.

Download and start enjoying today.  


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