Dental Marketing Inventory List

If you are disappointed with your dental marketing efforts it could have something to do with your overall digital campaign. That’s why it is important to take stock of what you have done during the past six months to see what has worked and what hasn’t been so successful.

Social Media and Dental Marketing

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter make it easy to track your social media posts. Going through your posts every six months or so will give you a clear idea of what types of posts your fans and followers like, comment and share. It’s easy to weed through what you should keep and toss out of the mix as well.

It’s also important to look through your social media accounts. In other words if you are spreading yourself a bit thin you may want to put your concentration into three or four social sites. For example, depending on your demographic Pinterest might be a better fit than Tik Tok.

Research is vital when it comes to social media marketing for dentists and will lead to an increase in fans and followers. Know where your demographic is for better social media success.

Email Marketing

While still an extremely viable method of promotion email marketing must be streamlined to fit into today’s world. Otherwise you might end up in the email trash bin.

Try personalizing your email lists for dental marketing and add video to your messages. Personalizing an email with a video and special discounts for patient leads is one of the best ways to entice patients and potential ones. It also increases open rate.

If you send out a monthly newsletter via email don’t forget to create a hard copy as well. People still enjoy holding something and physically reading it. Keep a few in the waiting room and cross promote your website as well.

Video Marketing for Dentists

One of the most important dental marketing inventory tips is video. Look over your past efforts and see what gets the most reaction. For example, if your short and to the point dental videos are more popular than your long form explainer videos, you may want to rethink your video marketing strategies.

With YouTube, Facebook and Instagram you can check your stats and see what improvements need to be made. Don’t forget to check your content for keywords and keyword phrases as this will help increase your likes, comments and shares as well.

It’s also important to check your past performances and update your video play list as well.

It’s totally okay to critique yourself and those who are in front of the camera as it leads to better performances in the future.

Take a look at your overall production value as well. If things are too light or too dark make a note of it for next time.

A dental marketing inventory puts you in the driver seat when it comes to your next shoot.

Dentainment for Dental Marketing

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