Dental Marketing in 2019 What You Need to Know

Before you can begin your dental marketing plan for 2019, you must know where you are headed. Going blindly into the New Year with no set plan is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Dental Marketing in the New Year

Most businesses go into the New Year with motivation and gusto. Although many have the best intentions, only a few will have reached their goals by the end of the year. There really is truth in the old saying, “Failing to plan is just planning to fail.”

Dentainment puts the fun back into dental marketing with strategies that set you and your dental practice up for success. Creating a strong dental marketing strategy paves the way for success. Below are a few basics that will get you started.

Know Where the Starting Line Is

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Before you get yourself headed in the right direction, you need to know where you started. Beginning any New Year with marketing goals for your dental practice without having an idea of where you have come from, is setting your entire practice up for disaster.

By examining your previous year’s data, you can be more specific about your goals for the future. If your social media stats are less than stellar, try putting more energy into social media marketing.

Start with Little Goals for Dental Marketing

Setting long-term goals throughout the year is important. However, unless you have some little goals in place your big goals could get lost in the shuffle. Set fun periodic goals that outline what you want to achieve. Have fun with your team and your patients. Dentistry doesn’t always have to be serious.

Create a Map for Dental Marketing Success

Setting goals is awesome, but without a plan, you probably won’t reach them. If you want to boost your dental flow in 2019 create a detailed plan. It could be increasing your customer engagement through social media or sending out direct mail. Whatever goals you have, a plan is essential.

2019 is going to be an awesome year, especially if you try dental marketing techniques. Webchat is the best way to capture patient information without disrupting your workday. Check it out.

Make sure to get your entire Dental Team involved in your marketing initiatives.  By doing this, it’ll enhance the authenticity and uniqueness of the daily content being posted.  This is really key to standing out from the competition in your local community.

If you need more ideas and inspiration for Dental Marketing, try our DentalYear App.  It’s available for download both on iOS and Android.  Literally, 365 Days of Dental Marketing Tips.

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