Dental Marketing Camera Tips

Being on camera for a dental marketing campaign is fun and exciting, Just thinking about lights, camera, action, gets the adrenaline going and the juices flowing.

However, being on camera does take some practice and the following tips to help you go viral.

The Best Angles for Video

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Like anything in life, remember band practice and Little League? Practice really does make perfect. Practice in front of your pets, in front of your family members and your friends. This way you’ll be ready for your shoot day without any apprehension,

Sounding over rehearsed is one of the worst things you can do for your production. Trust yourself. Be spontaneous and natural, this includes your facial expressions. Let your words flow.

2.Shoot Yourself and Stay for the Show

It’s important that you film yourself and see how you did. Watching your performance is also one of the best ways to overcome anxiety and stress in front of the lens.

Watch for the Following:
  • Slouching
  • Speaking with your arms and hands
  • Stiffening and tensing your body
  • Using Filler words “like” or “um”
  • Ending each sentence with an intonation in your tone
  • Not looking at the camera when directed

Be sure to rehearse your script and re-film as many times as you need to. Keep in mind that the lens magnifies everything. This includes blinking, hand movements, gaze shifting and head movement.

3. Smile Your on Candid Camera

Smiling makes everyone else get into the mood as well. You want to appear confident and approachable. Just like practicing your script, it’s important to practice your smile in front of the camera as well. When you do you’ll be able to see what smiles look best. You will be ready when the director says, “Action.”

4. The Camera is Your Best Friend

Make sure you make eye contact with the camera. Even if you are doing an interview it’s vital that you stay connected with your audience.

While it may seem awkward at first, it really does make a difference as your viewers will feel as if you are talking and sharing with them directly. If you have anxiety relax, it’s just a camera, not a live audience.

5. Dental Marketing and Dressing for Success

What you wear on camera is important. Dentainment recommends that you do the following when you are choosing your wardrobe for your next shoot.

  • Wear dark solid clothing
  • Avoid patterns
  • Don’t wear plain white
  • Pick comfortable clothes so that you “Dress the part.”
  • Bring a few different outfits and accessories
  • Avoid loud jewelry or any accessories that the mic will pick up

Unless you have non reflective glasses don’t wear any. If you must, wear contacts. Eye glasses that are reflective will reflect light back to the lens.

Dental Marketing with Video

Video marketing is easy once you get the hang of it. All you have to do is follow the tips and start shooting. You’ll be amazed at what you come up with.

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