Dental Marketing and 5 Social Media Trends

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Dental Marketing has certainly changed. Today dental practices need to be on their toes when it comes to both conventional and digital marketing strategies.


The competition is fierce and if you want to stand out from the crowd there are some things to remember when it comes to social media marketing for dentists.

Social Media Trends for Dental Marketing

1. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are huge. Including Instagram Stories in your digital ad campaign has the capacity to reach 400 million users every single day and that was back in 2018. You can only imagine what that number is now. Including Instagram Stories in your dental marketing will help your overall social media profile as well.

If a fan or follower misses your Instagram story, your audience can head over to Facebook, as the post will be visible on the news feed. This is an excellent way to reengage and attract more fans and followers.

2. Investing in Social Media Ads

Advertising on Social Media is the best way to attract dental flow. Dentainment recommends that you research where your patients are spending time on social media. Ask where they hang out and create your social media ads accordingly.

If the majority of your patients are seniors, Facebook would be an excellent choice, while cosmetic dentists may have better luck advertising on Pinterest. Knowing your demographic is essential when it comes to social media marketing for dentists. When you create social media ads with creativity, time investment, and smart targeting, you can’t go wrong.

3. Social TV and Dental Marketing

According to recent statistics, over 50 percent of online videos are watched vertically. This trend has grown consistently since 2013 and is what launched IGTV and Facebook Watch. Instagram estimates that videos on mobile devices will make up for over 78 percent of mobile traffic on their social media site.

Watching television on mobile devices is one of the best ways to attract new patients whether you opt for IGTV on Instagram or Facebook Watch.  The trend to mobile first video consumption is growing exponentially.

4. Private Groups for Dental Marketing

Groups are a great way for to connect with fans and followers.  When you and your dental practice connect with groups on social media, you will be able to market your dental practice to meaningful groups. This is extremely important when you consider that 200 million people are members of various groups on Facebook.

Again, talk to your patients and your team about private groups, as social media groups are an excellent way to target and market your brand.

5. Trust is the Key to Successful Dental Marketing

These days, people rely on real friends and family when it comes to sharing products and services. When you create trust with your audience, you are creating value. Investing in community building, personalization, and transparency is much more important that maximum reach.

Most consumers won’t be attracted to a brand that doesn’t interact. It’s vital that you communicate with your audience. Like their likes, respond to their tweets and thank them for sharing your page.

While dental marketing can be challenging it doesn’t have to be, call, and schedule a no obligation consultation with Dentainment for more information regarding social media marketing for dentists.

By creating unique content for your Practice on a daily basis, along with focusing on targeted Ads, you’ll be more likely to generate increased awareness for New Dental Patients.  Thanks for reading and keep up the inspiring work!

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