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Hi Dental Community!

VideoText™ is an exciting new product like nothing I’ve seen before! Not only will it increase your case acceptance, but it can also create an innovative extension to you dental practice. This is especially important for your online presence.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce an exciting new product before it is unveiled later this year. I have met the creators/owners and it’s VERY cool! Best of all with VideoText™ there are no Apps or PW’s needed, as the only device used is the patient’s phone.

Called VideoText™, this incredibly powerful tool was created by Dental Innovations Inc and can help your dental practice grow.

Using a mobile phone, the patient simply inputs the name of your dental practice and the initials of the procedure that he or she is inquiring about to receive a practice-branded, personalized video experience that fully describes the treatment recommended by you and your dental practice. With VideoText™, you don’t have to exchange patient information or locate a device.

The day’s most dental practices have little time with multiple priorities filling the workday. Even the tiniest hiccup can mess up your tight schedule.

Do you find the business of dentistry draining? Are you are repeating the same information to your patients day after day, week after week? Is your team spending too much time explaining porcelain veneers or dental implants? If you answered yes, VideoText™ is for you.

Want to learn more about Dentainment’s featured marketing partner? Watch the video and discover why your dental practice can’t live without VideoText™.

Click here to watch the video!

Dentainment wants to help your dental practice run smoothly and efficiently and thanks to VideoText™, it can.

If you would like more information regarding VideoText™, call or click and talk to the dental marketing experts from Dentainment. It really will make a difference to your dental practice.

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