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Dentainment Dental Holidays for the Dental Community October 23 2017

When it comes to Dental Holidays for the Dental Community, Dentainment doesn’t miss a beat. Share the Weekly Holidays for the Dental Community with your team and your patients, and remind them that a wonderful week is filled with #SMILES!

 Dental Holidays


October is Vegetarian Awareness Month!

A vegetarian diet offers plenty of dental health benefits. Including healthy veggie options such as carrots and celery, Mother Nature’s tooth floss is beneficial for your overall health. Share tooth-friendly recipes all month long. #VegetarianAwarenessMonth #DentalHealth #HealthyEating

October 24th-National Food Day

Promote the importance that good nutrition has on teeth. Advise your patients to eat less sugar and to indulge in nutritious foods instead. Let them know that dairy is healthy for bones and teeth. #NationalFoodDay #HealthyTeeth, HealthyFood #HealthyLiving

October 25th~World Pasta Day

Take your dental team out for pasta in honor of World Pasta Day! This fun dental holidays for the dental community event is delicious. Share a group photo on your social media pages and don’t forget to tag the eatery! #WorldPastaDay

October 26th~National Pumpkin Day

Pumpkins provide mouth healthy vitamins and minerals. Encourage your patients to enjoy the pumpkin season with great recipes. You can also host a pumpkin decorating contest with your team. #NationalPumpkinDay #HealthyMouth

October 28th~National Chocolate Day

Send the team a big box of chocolates or a basket of chocolate covered berries, and ask them tag your dental practice and share the pic on social media. #NationalChocolateDay

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Dentainment also has a fun dental holidays for the dental community
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